4th of July celebrating with friends and home made ice cream

Home Made Peach Ice CreamHome made ice cream – what can be better?  Hummm, home made peach ice cream.  We decided to pull out the ice cream maker that had been gathering dust and churn it out while celebrating the 4th. My friend Denise Clason had just sent her “Mothers Best Ice Cream” recipe last week, so we decided to give it a try.  Yum – really good.  We had our friends and neighbors, Billy and Shirley, over to help eat it. 

Here is Denise’ recipe – I added 8 peaches cut into small pieces.  Delicious! 

My Mother’s Best Ice Cream recipe

8 C Lt cream

4 eggs

1 pkg powered sugar

2 T vanilla

¼ t. salt

2 C milk or whipping cream, or 1 C milk and 1 C whipping cream

10-12 pounds crushed ice

1 box rock salt


1.  Heat 4 C lt. cream until scalded (not burned) in heavy sauce pan.

2.  In medium bowl with wire whisk, mix eggs and powdered sugar until blended.

3.  Gradually stir in 1 C of the hot cream.  Gradually pour egg mixture back into cream.  Heat for approximately 15 minutes or until the liquid becomes slightly thick – it does not need to boil.

4.  Add remaining 4 C lt. cream, 2 C milk or whipping cream, vanilla and salt and mix.

5.  Pour into the freezer container and chill in the refrigerator until cool.

6.  Follow manufacturer’s directions for freezing


20 minutes prep time and about 25-30 minutes freezing.

***Add these ingredients to get a flavor like Cold Stone:  1 C raspberry jam, 1 C cut up blackberries, ¼ C raspberry syrup, ½ C baby chocolate chips.  Stir together and freeze longer.


Denise is a fellow designer and is author of Quilted Bags and Totes.   if any of you are quilters, join Denise’s Yahoo Quilting group.

We started the 4th off with breakfast at Billy and Shirley’s house, with breakfast cooked outside on a huge grill. 

Billy, Shirley and hubby Danny (white shirt) chat after breakfast. July 4 breakfast


Then there’s me relaxing in the hammock.  Actually Danny didn’t think I could get in it without flipping.  Piece of cake!Phyllis in Hammock

I hope each of you enjoyed the 4th in your own special way.  

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  1. Love the ice cream photo and it looks absolutely yummy! I’m assuming you used GEORGIA peaches, right?
    And I’m glad you got some much deserved rest this holiday. Thanks to Denise and you for sharing the recipe, I may give it a go!

  2. Sorry – Alabama peaches!

  3. Well, you made the ice cream and didn’t invite me over for a taste???

    I know you are clear across the states from me, but, you know how hot it gets in vegas! we are at 115 degrees during the day or more…so, my ice cream freezer is getting another work out today! just plain vanilla this time! ** sometimes I add my favorite jam to the freezing and it is also great! if you want to add some broken up oreo’s, those need to go in at the very end!


  4. Sounds yummy. But, what size package of sugar?

  5. Renee, the recipe calls for a standard box which is 1 lb. When I made the recipe, I used 1/2 powered sugar and 1/2 Splenda.

  6. Thanks Phyllis. I’m getting a new ice cream machine, so, I’m definitely going to have to try this recipe.

  7. Your home look amazing! I’m sure everyday feels feels like your on vacation!
    LOVE it!

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