“Quilt-opoly” and embroidered quilt blocks

Quiltopoly Board Game

Quiltopoly Board Game

If you are a quilter or sewer, you will love the new “Quilt-opoly” board game from The DMC Corporation that debuted at International Quilt Market.  Its like Monopoly, (which by the way,  I’ve always loved to play) but features quilts and quilting.  The properties are all quilt blocks with escalating degrees of complexity.

Quilt-opoly board game for quilt lovers

Quilt-opoly board game for quilt lovers

I have a special love for “Quilt-opoly” – I designed the graphics for it, including the quilt block properties, the the actual quilt stitching properties shown in the center of each row, as well as some of the sayings on the cards.  It was a fun project to work on and I just love the way it turned out. And I can’t wait to play!

In addition to “Quilt-opoly”, I designed and created the quilt blocks in DMC’s booth featuring their fibers and threads for quilting.  I really loved working with the various textures represented in the various fibers of their product line.

Log Cabin Quilt Block

Log Cabin Quilt Block

Sunflower Quilt Block

Sunflower Quilt Block

Diamond In Block

Diamond In Block

Butterfly Block designed by Phyllis Dobbs for The DMC Corp.

Butterfly Quilt Block

As a special note, I want to say that The DMC Corporation is not going bankrupt or out of business.  Since I have worked with DMC a lot over the past several years, I occasionally get asked this question.  DMC-US is a separate entity and is doing just fine.  They have sold their other divisions and are concentrating on the fibers only and are doing extremely well, I’m happy to say!

Tomorrow, I will write about another “celebrity” that I met at Quilt Market as well as show come of the many gorgeous quilts that I saw there.  So, please check back!

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  1. What a great idea! I could see this being a fun game to take along to retreats.

    The blocks are quite adorable, too. I love your whimsy!

  2. hi phyllis!
    this is so exciting! your did a wonderful job! this game is gorgeous!
    you are so talented and busy!

  3. Love that log cabin square – still wishing I could sew!

    I bet that Quiltopoly was indeed a fun project to work on. I love things like that that take us out of what we “normally” do. Then again, I don’t know how much of what we do is “normal” anyway, ha ha

    Cool beans!

  4. I saw the game at Hancock Fabrics a few days ago. Almost bought it because it looked so appealing. But I hate playing Monopoly, so I didn’t. Anyway, congrats to you. The game is gorgeous and so are your blocks.

  5. how fun to be involved with one of your favorite games! I love DMC, they are so good to their designers!

    I need one of those games, for sure!!! you rock!

  6. This is amazing, Phyllis! How fun to be associated with a game like this. Congrats on everything you do! 🙂

  7. What a unique project to be involved in. Love what you’ve done with it – such a fun idea! Congrats Phyllis!

  8. I love the idea of the quilt board game and would like to purchase one for my grand-daughters for Christmas. Could you please tell me where I might find one. Is there an on-line site? Thanks

  9. Is this a game of trivia questions? I was looking for something we could use at our Quilt Guild’s New Year’s Eve Party with elimination rounds. Would this fit into that category?

  10. A few of the images were not displaying correctly but, the site still looks great. I have been coming to this blog for a few months now and i’m very impressed with the content. What is the RSS address?

  11. Can you tell me where to purchase the board game Quilt-opoly. I would also like the pattern for the Butterfly quilt block.

    Thank you so much

    Lila Smith

  12. Where am I able to purchase this game?

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