Sew a makeup bag or jewelry roll

I recently received the March issue of Sewing Savvy magazine.  I was delighted to see the article featuring the Blooming Flowers Jewelry Roll and Makeup Bag that I designed and wanted to share it with you.

These are easy to make and feature embellishment with beads and applique.  I also provided instructions to adjust the sizes of the bags.  This issue is filled with wonderful sewing projects.

Have a delightful day!


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  1. hi phyllis!
    oh you are so talented! they are gorgeous! i am off to check it out!

  2. Phyllis, you are one talented gal. How fun to see your fabric featured like that. Love it! I’m going to have to look for it. Can you tell us who the mfr is so we can all find it? So cheerful. Hip hip hooray!!!

  3. Thanks for your comments Sharyn, however, these fabrics are not mine, but are from my stash. I designed the bags only for this article.

  4. These are delightful and look simple, yet stunning! I love those funky colours too!

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