Free Patterns for Aprons and Quilts

Please note that this apron pattern is no longer available through Quilting Treasures website.  However due to the demand for it, I have recreated another pattern similar to this. It can be found on the Craftsy pattern website.  

Note also – The Rails quilt pattern below is also no longer available through Quilting treasures and has been redesigned.  It can also be found on the Craftsy pattern website.

I love sewing and quilting with beautiful fabrics, so its fun to design projects for Quilting Treasure’s website with some of their newest fabrics. I have finished several quilt and sewing designs for Quilting Treasures that can be downloaded free from their website and wanted to share them with you. Using the red, white and blue fabrics from Studio 8’s collection Monaco, these aprons can be made in a blue or red color combination. The aprons are sassy with two layers for the skirt to include a little overskirt. The top band of the bodice is ruched for extra detail.

Aprons in red or blue colors

This quilt is easy to sew and is made with the red colors of the collection. The blocks have a random arrangement of fabrics.

Free quilt pattern designed by Phyllis Dobbs for Quilting Treasures

The patterns are free for downloading.  Just go to the Quilting Treasures website for these and many more projects.  Please check back as I will post some of the other projects I designed for them.

Happy sewing!


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  1. So patriotic for the beginning of July! So cute Phyllis!

  2. Having discovered the value and usefulness of aprons and the difficulty of ‘finding’ them, I appreciated your blog and the lovely examples you are posting.
    I will be downloading this pattern for sure. Thanks

  3. Thanks for sharing!! Looking forward to more in the future!!

  4. Phyllis, these are adorable. Very generous of you to share the patterns. I am actually going to learn to sew soon, finally, so I am saving this one. Thank you! Hope to see you in a week or so.


  5. Phyllis, those aprons are absolutely adorable. I have a friend that wants an apron for her dtr-in-law for Christmas. She’ll be delighted with this one.
    Thanks for your lovely designs

  6. Adorable aprons, Phyllis!

  7. Hi Phyllis: I made the apron featuring the wizard of oz fabric and it turned out great. When I went to try it on it is definitely for a tall person. I am 5’2 and the waist ties were a way below my hips/waist about 4 inches. I made it for my our church bazaar so I hope there will be someone there who is tall. It was so easy to make and the machine did a good job sewing without any problems.

  8. I would love the pattern for the blue and red aprons you have on this page.. I love them. They are so cute and dated… It will be a wonderful gift to make for my daughter.

  9. I can’t seem to find the link to download the darling red & blue aprons. Is it still active?

  10. I am looking for the pattern for the red and blue aprons also. They are adorable!

  11. I am also looking for the pattern for the red and blue apron. I Love it! I am driving myself nuts looking on that website. Please Help!!! Thanks.

  12. Thanks for the pattern! I really love it. It is definitely a large or xtra large for a taller person. Made it in blue and white. Planning on making a smaller version next time. Made this up in blue and white. Thanks again!

  13. I am trying to find the pattern for the red and blue aprons. Can you please help me. Marcia Walters

  14. I am looking for the download for the red and blue apron pattern on the web and I am having trouble finding it. Quilting Treasures does not seem to have the link any longer.
    Can you send me the link for the download?

    Thank you for your help.

  15. I am also looking for the pattern for the red and blue aprons. I have gone crazy searching for the link. I have made several aprons recently, but these ones look even more beautiful than the ones I have been making. I couldn’t resist asking for the link as so many before me have also done. Thanks! I am so excited to hear back from you!

  16. Ann Phillips Thompson

    I’ve been looking for the pattern to the adorable blue and red aprons and can’t find it anywhere. Would it be possible for you to send me the link? Thanks!

  17. Bonnie Webster

    Love the Studio 8’s collection Monaco aprons but I can’t seem to find the free pattern when I click on the download. Can you help?

  18. I am also looking for the pattern for the red and blue apron. They are adorable! I’m going crazy trying to find them on that website. Please Help!!! Thanks.

  19. I am also looking for the pattern for the red and blue aprons….Could you please help me? Thank you

  20. Have just started sewing again after 40 years break !! Please could you tell me if the apron pattern can be obtained somehow ?

  21. I am having the EXACT same problem! I adore these aprons! They are EXACTLY what I’ve been looking for .. but I cannot locate the link ? 🙁

  22. Jennifer Pielow

    I am also trying to find the pattern for the red and blue aprons. Appreciate the free patterns and the great blog!

  23. Suzanne Bright

    Love the Red and Blue aprons. I also can not find the link for the pattern. Would love to make them though. Can you help. Thanks!

  24. Red and blue aprons are adorable, but I also cannot find the patterns to download. Can you help with this? Thanks so much!

  25. has anyone found the link for the aprons? I have been looking forever, even typing in their search bar and no results found……shame, my sister and I were going to make them next weekend 🙁

  26. I can’t find either pattern and I want to make them both!

  27. I love the red and white aprons – is the pattern still available? We are making Mother/daughter sets to sell as our group’s Fundraiser – and teaching moms and daughters to sew inthe process. Thanks so much, I am glad I found your site!

  28. I am also looking for the pattern for the red and blue apron. I have been to the website referenced and searched every way possible, yet still now pattern. Is there another website where it can be found? Thanks.

  29. Phyllis, My daughter and I have been looking for aprons exactly like this. I can’t find the pattern from the link. My daughter and I spend a lot of time in the kitchen and need aprons that will cover better and still look nice if someone drops by. Please help us.

  30. I love the aprons and would like nothing more than to make these as Chrisymas gifts for my three daughters…does anyone have this link?

  31. Would love to find this apron pattern if it’s still available

  32. I have also tried finding this apron on different occasions. If this is still available anywhere, please let me know. Joy

  33. Has anyone found the downloadable pattern for the red and white/blue and white apron?
    Quilting Treasures does not have it up or have taken it down. Wanted to make aprons for my girls and started looking in September. I still have not found the pattern and it is so cute. HELP!

  34. Like many others, I am trying to find the Studio 8
    aprons. Are they still available?

  35. Also hoping for the pattern! It looks so cute!

  36. I found a link to email her. hopefully we’ll find out where to get the pattern 🙂

  37. Please add me to the list of those of us who wants the apron pattern!

  38. I would love to make the red, white, and bleu apron, could you please direct me to the pattern?

  39. I also am looking for the pattern for the red and blue aprons. They are so cute! Please tell me where to get the pattern. Thanks

  40. I’m looking for the free download for both patterns…love them and want to make! Please send me the link also
    Thanks susie

  41. I would also like to get the pattern for the red and blue aprons. Could you please tell me where I can get the patterns? Thanks

  42. I love this apron! It’s so cute. I would love to make it for my daughter. Someone PLEASE help me find the link.

  43. I can’t find the pattern for the red and blue aprons. Are you still offering this pattern?

    Thank you

  44. I can’t find the pattern for the red & blue apron either. I’d LOVE to make it for a friend. Heeeeelp! :~}

  45. would love to have the pattern for the red and blue aprons. clicked on the link, no longer an active site. Could you send the information about the patterns. Thank you!

  46. These aprons are so cute. Please can someone send me the pattern as I cannot find it on the site? Thank you

  47. Would love the pattern for the red and blue aprons! Has anyone been able to locate them? Thank you…

  48. Please help me locate the pattern for the blue and the red aprons. They are adorable but I can’t find the pattern. Please help if possible.
    Thanks ever so much!

    • At the very top of the article, she states that the patterns are no longer available at Quilting Treasures but gives links to both patters–for the aprons and for the quilt.

  49. I really like the quilt your have posted. Since the website is no longer available do you know the name of it or how I can get a pattern.

  50. Very nice work and patterns. Thank you.

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