A Spider’s Delicate Embroidery Stitches!

In a mad dash outside in the heat and humidity to quickly water some plants, I was stopped by the beauty of this spider and her (his?) web. The beautiful Chevron stitch down the center of the large web in my rose bush was spectacular.Black and yellow garden spider stitching a web
This spider knows needlework, so I’m assuming it’s a her (I know there are men who create gorgeous needlework and think Rosie Grier  and his needlepoint, but women do outnumber in this category). I know spiders can be terrifying, in spite of being such small creatures. But you have to admit that this one is a beauty with its yellow colors.

I did find this spider on the internet and its name is, are you ready?  “Black and Yellow Garden Spider”.  That’s not very imaginative and I think she deserves a much prettier name. Any suggestions for a name – please leave a comment if you do!

I wonder if she knows any other stitches….


Note, it has been almost a week since I posted this and the spider is still there.  But her body has doubled in size!


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  1. This spider has dutifully mended her web after a catch and subsequent meal. Having finished dining…she mended her web =0) a name…hmmm…how about Elspeth? =0)

  2. Phyllis,
    That’s really cool! Usually spiders creep me out, but this one isn’t so scary.
    What a tangled web she weaves!

  3. I love this picture! The webs are such beauty, and I never thought of them as needle workers and they are! That is very beautifully stated Phyllis. I love taking pictures of them after it rains also.

  4. Phyllis, those are supposed to be the best kind of spiders to have in your garden because they eat some nasty garden pests. But still….EEK! This is amazing, the stitches it made!

  5. What a “miracle moment” you had…viewing this. To think you could have just passed by without seeing it.

    The stitches are amazing!

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