Sew an Apron With This Pattern!

You can’t have too many aprons, right? They are fun to make and fun to wear. This is an apron pattern that I designed for Quilting Treasures and is available in their free patterns and projects download on their website. (NOTE – this pattern is no longer available on Quilting Treasures website. I have designed a similar apron pattern that is available at Craftsy Vibrant Quilts.

Wizard of Oz Free Apron Pattern

The aprons are designed with The Wizard of Oz fabrics by Quilting Treasures.  I love the bright colors!  And I, like I think everyone in the universe, have always been a huge fan of The Wizard of Oz. I’m still hoping for Dorothy’s red shoes.

This apron is easy to make in just a couple of hours of sewing.  You can make it with two or three coordinating fabrics or sew it with just one fabric for two different looks.

Happy sewing with your apron.  With these free patterns, it is easy to get started.


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  1. I love aprons, Phyllis! These are very cool. I often wear aprons in my sign shop to protect my clothes and keep my tools handy. I need to upgrade from the boring old work aprons. The whole town will be giggling. Thanks for the link and the inspiration!

  2. Thanks for sharing your pattern – how cute!! I can’t wait to make this.

  3. How do I get this apron pattern. I can piece it together with other patterns I have and then draw the whole thing out, but then I came across this pattern and it is what I had in my mind. Is it still available?

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