March is National Craft Month with Lots of Crafting Opportunities

Get out your craft supplies!  March is National Craft Month. To celebrate, many of the craft companies are planning lots of activities and specials, so click to see these activities all listed on

National Craft Month

I’ve always loved crafting and have created crafts from childhood. Oh, all the crafts I have worked with – drawing and painting, sewing, designing doll clothes, batik, macrame, stained glass (this was my only drop out due to too many cuts and blood), decoupage, paper crafting, embroidery, cross stitch, beading (both jewelry and sewing), crochet, needlepoint, quilting, crewel, rug hooking, and mosaics. I know there are plenty more that just didn’t pop out of the top of my head. I love taking classes and whenever a class was available on a craft technique, I took it.

Let me know what you love about crafting. Me – I love how relaxing it is and how little everyday life stresses fade away when crafting. You can come home from a hard day at work and let a little crafting soothe you. As a designer, I can get stressed by deadlines creeping up, but when I start working on the projects, I’m in heaven! I also love the creative aspect – no two craft projects are the exact same, so you’ve created something totally unique. Its also something that you can do with your kids for some really good times together. The list of perks from crafting just goes on and on!

Seriously, let me know about your crafting loves or experiences!


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  1. Hi Phyllis! I have done every craft you mentioned above. I have always loved crafting with kids, too. I sat at the kids table at holiday dinners and we would present whatever craft we made that day (in secret, from my laundry room with the door closed) to all the real grownups at the big table. I’d have them so excited. They called me the aunt that was like a kid that never grew up. (I still resemble that!) Puppet making was also a fun one. Sometimes we’d even make up mystery plays to present to the grownups. I think I was a fun aunt. Now they all have their own kids and none of them live nearby, or even in the same state. I miss those days.

    Now days, I just wish I had more time. I have wonderful stashes for playing with all kinds of sewing or crafts. More time… need more time. Thanks for this post, Phyllis. It brought back some fun memories! 🙂

    • Beth, you are still a pretty cool and fun aunt! I agree with you on wanting more time. I have huge stashes that I am just itching to start working on and I do have it on my schedule, but it keeps getting shifted further back!

  2. I don’t get to do much (any) crafting these days. That doesn’t stop me from buying supplies so when that window of opportunity opens, I will be ready.

    I love the different elements that go into a project. I love taking those elements, putting them together and creating something that didn’t exist before. Just like painting, crafting can take me to a very peaceful place. I totally lose track of time and everything else. It’s my place of Zen.

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