Awesome Nature – and My Little Guest

I love finding surprises in nature.  A few days ago, I was in my yard and walked over  to see my Calla lily bloom (noun – I wasn’t actually going to watch it bloom out). I planted it several years ago, but this was the very first (and only) bloom. As I stepped in the flower bed to look at it, I saw something on one of the large leaves.  It was a tiny green frog, slightly over an inch long.

Green frog in flowers

Small green frog on leaf

I told a friend about it. She has been to Costa Rica and said that the green tree frogs there usually live their entire life on one leaf. I don’t know long this one will stay, but he is still here leaf perching. This morning, after several days on that leaf, he had moved to the next leaf.  I know these little frogs are pretty common, but all I have seen around here are the brown “hoppy” toads. So I hope that he does stay. I’ve always loved frogs and have included some in my art as well as quilt designs. Humm, maybe he will inspire me to create a new collection!

Put a little nature in your life today, ribbit!


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  1. Love it! I have painted a lot of little green frogs, but I have never seen a live one. I bought a calla lily at the flower shop to paint from life once. It didn’t survive. My only green thumb is when I have been painting and the green paint gets on my thumb. Have a great day, Phyllis. 🙂

  2. He is certainly tiny.
    We usually see a few when visiting our children.
    I stepped on a green hoppy one in FL one evening. We were going into the house and I didn’t see it on the sidewalk, but knew what it was. I think it survived the heavy burden 🙂 They love to sing at night.

  3. That is so sweet! I don’t think I’d ever see any type of frog on ou dry heat…we do get a Loy of praying mantis, especially on my front door…they are green! :o)

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