Meow – Cat Fabric Giveaway for Halloween!

For some reason, black cats are symbolic of Halloween. I wonder what the story was that created the Halloween black cat icon. As the “mom” to a black cat, I always make sure my black kitty is inside well before dark on Halloween. A few years ago, my husband overheard some really young kids that were out trick-or-treating early say as they tried to quietly pass by our house “this is the house with the black cat”. Since there were not many houses with really young kids close around, it made me wonder how notorious our black cat is. My husband did stop them and gave them some candy.

My black kitty Phyllis Dobbs

And I have to say that my black kitty is not scary by the wildest stretch of imagination – he’s so sweet and affectionate and loves attention. I hate it that he’s lumped as a superstitious “black cat”.

Meow Cat Fabrics Phyllis Dobbs

Since Halloween is approaching, I thought I would have a give-away of a fat quarter bundle of my “Meow Meow” cat fabrics. You can see by the colorfulness, that the inspiration from my black cat resulted in fun and bright fabrics filled with cat antics. You can see the entire fabric collection on my website.

To win the fat quarter bundle, just leave a comment and tell me your favorite black cat or Halloween story, cat story, or say “hi”. I will draw a name from those leaving a comment on Oct 31 – Halloween evening between giving out candy, and post it the next morning  I’m sorry but the drawing is open to residents of the US only.

Have a happy and safe Halloween and give a black cat a hug!


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  1. When I first moved out of the house, I roomed with a friend from college. She had a cat named Cleo. Cleo was zoom zoom kitty. She’d launch herself from the top of the refrigerator (where she used to wait for me to scare me when I’d come home from work) and run across the apartment and up the curtains until she was almost sitting on the top of the window sash. Then she’d jump down, run back into the kitchen and do it all over again.

    She was a good kitty and lucky for me, my allergies to kitties really didn’t kick in until I moved out.

    Happy Halloween, Phyllis!

  2. Hi Phyllis – I don’t have a specific black cat story, but I’ve had cats since I was five, and I also volunteer for a no-kill cat shelter. We have lots of awesome black cats in the shelter that find it harder to get adopted just because of those silly myths. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. CUTE Cat Fabric!!!!!
    I’ve always had a cat, can’t remember a time when there was not one in my life. One of my favorite cats used to bring a mouth full of MeowMix to bed every night and then eat it sitting on my husband chest before curling up to sleep. Now I have 2 cats…both sit on the sewing table when I sew….I just hope I never sew their tails!!!

  4. Good Morning Phyllis,
    He’s a beautiful black cat. We have stray cats that roam outside and keep the mice away. They are a mixture of various colors, however, there is a black cat that’s been by a few times. Since they are strays you can’t get to them. I think he/she even had a feast of a bird as the feathers were all that was left out near the bird feeder. There have been hawks flying around, so hopefully, the cats are still around as well.

    Love the Bee fabric, very cute.

  5. Love the fabric! Crossing my fingers.

  6. Hi Phyllis! Your fabric is wonderful! The kitties are soooo sweet!

    I wonder why it is that all black animals get such a bad rap. They are the least adopted dogs, too. I adopted a black lab/spaniel mix and he was the sweetest dog ever!

  7. Really enjoy your blog and wonderful designs. Loved the picture of your black cat. We inherited my late daughter’s cat, KiKi last December. She has the prettiest green eyes and some white fur as well as the black. I believe she is called a Tuxedo cat. When I was a little girl I had a black cat named Midnight. We moved into that house on Halloween, which was perfectly fitting.

  8. Meow to Phyllis! Your ideas and fabric are so happy. I have an adopted black barn cat.
    She has been here about 4 years. Her name is Simon. She sleeps in a hot box made for baby calves. A heat lamp in the top box keeps her very comfy. I also have a house cat named Lenny and 2 jack russells. Have fun in Huston! and thanks for this chance.

  9. Hi Phyllis,

    I love the picture of your beautiful cat. My daughter has two black cats. They lived with us for two years and now that they have moved out I miss them. She is very careful to keep them in at this time of the year. Your fabric is adorable. Good luck with it.


  10. There was an elderly woman in our neighborhood that walked to church every day. When she got to our house, she always crossed to the other side of the road. We were puzzled until one day, we were on the porch at the time, she scolded us for having ablack cat. ‘The devil’s own partner’ she rebuked.

  11. When we bought the house I live in back in 1994, the first thing after moving in I knew I had to get a cat. I’d been raised with pets and so missed having cats and my boys were excited to get one. We drove to the animal shelter our County runs and looked at them all, but the one that caught our eye was one that was so laid back that they allowed her to wander in their office, walking on their desks and wherever she wanted. She would push up against everyone stretching to make good contact with that person and would actually push hard. She was such a loving cat and she really bonded with my oldest son who chose to take her to the photographer when it was time for his Senior pictures for high school. He wanted her in those pictures because she followed him everywhere. I really miss that cat who sadly had a very resistent infection and couldn’t recover from but she was the best cat.

    She was a great mouser too always making sure to bring her ‘catch’ to my sons bed in the middle of the night but, while she was great at catching them, she wasn’t as great at killing them and more than once my poor son had a mouse deposited on his bed that was only stunned and would soon wake back up and dance across his bed, sometimes across him. This, in the middle of the night is not the best way to be woken up and Mittens always made sure he woke up to see how good she was. She meowed very loudly until he did.

    She was very unique as well because while her name was Mittens, she was a solid black cat with one tiny spot of white on her chest. She was even more unique than we realized as told to us by the vet when she went to see him the first time. He said that she had what is called “Mitten Feet” which meant she had extra toes, but he then added any cat with this has the same amount on each foot. Mittens did not, she had five toes on her left foot and six toes on her right and then on her back paws, the normal amount. I think that’s why she was so good at catching mice with those big paws of hers………of course not the time she tried to catch the one that we caught on the sticky trap and then she was nice enough to free that mouse. She then made enough noise chasing him around our living room, couch, piano, and around our Christmas tree AND UP that tree she woke up the entire house. That is another story though which would make this post much longer

  12. We had a black cat named Baby. She was a super hunter. One day, she is outside and keeps contorting herself on odd ways. I eventually figure out she has caught a garter snake, and keeps tossing it in the air! She’d let it rest long enough to no longer be stunned and start to crawl away, before she pounced on it again and tossed it in the air. She entertained herself this way for at least an hour.

    Another time, she was sitting really low in the grass. 2 stupid birds decided to dive-bomb her, going back and forth from the clothesline to a nearby tree branch. She let this go on for quite a while until one dived -really- close….then she jumped up and grabbed it. Birdie lunch!

  13. I, too, have a very sweet black kitty named Murray. I rescued him from a no-kill shelter 4 days after my beloved black cat, Zachary, died suddenly last March. I was lost without a cat to love. Both guys have been so sweet, loving and extremely dear to me. Murray was 2 days past his 1st birthday when he came to live with me….very scared and shy. He is much better now but still cautious. I think it is because he was found abandoned in an impoverished area at 4 weeks old. He has a vocal personality, unlike Zachary, but just calls for me and for his food when he cannot see either!

    Love the stories about your kitties too. The shelter here in AZ will not adopt out black or white cats in September or October due to possible abuse. Very sad state of affairs.

  14. What cute fabric! I don’t have story to tell really but I did have a black cat named Ozzie that was the best cat ever! He was very lovable without being too demanding, quiet, stuck to himself most of the time. Best cat I ever had. Even my brother (whose known to not like cats at all) liked him. One of his favorite things to do was to sleep on my back at night. I’d wake up not being able to roll over and there he’d be stretched the entire length of me (he’d use my head for a pillow) lol. At least he kept me warm lol.

  15. Lovely fabric! I’m currently catless but I’ve had two black cats, one of whom stole my heart.

    His name was James and he came to me very young – about 6 weeks. He and I travelled to and fro from university each Friday and Sunday and charmed all the other travellers. He was much loved by the whole family but he was my cat. He was a superb hunter, once bringing in a jay for our younger and much dimmer other cat. Mum freaked out when she got home to find the cats had out the dead bird in her chair! They’d spent the day dragging it around the living room so there were little piles of feathers everywhere.

    Sadly he was hit by a car when he was only 5. We brought him back in ready to bury him and my dog kept nudging him to wake up – it was so sad to watch. I still miss his silliness

  16. Hmmmmm. we were just headed out for more candy (our basket full has turned into a 1/2 basket, how does that happen????). not sure how many know about our black cat. maybe they’ve seen her in HER window. check it out here. I hope they stop anyway. I’d be sad if I didn’t have trick or treaters.

  17. The late Allen T. Cat was a black longhaired cat who loved to sit in the window by the front door and greet trick-or-treaters.

  18. I have two black kitties and every year we try to take pictures of them wearing little pointy black hats. They never cooperate!

    I would love to have kitty fabric to make some quilted kitty nap pads (with cat nip sprinkled on the batting!).

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  19. this would be a wonderful treat after the weeks I have had lately.

  20. we used to have a black cat that we got in before Halloween too just in case some kid didn’t try to hurt her in any way.
    I love cat fabric of all varieties!

  21. Love the kitty fabric thanks for the giveaway

  22. I use to live near a grave yard that was located near a church near our place. it was especially scarey I suppose during the halloween seasons.. And sometimes as you were walking at night especially you could hear noises. Course us as kids always thought it was the ghosts. And it didn’t help because some of the houses we went to had black cats and that didn’t help the spookyness lol

  23. Great giveaway.

  24. I love the cat prints and the beautiful colors. I can think of so many craft ideas this fabric could be used for… I had the sweetest cat (Sugar) for 18 years – who went to cat heaven earlier this year. He always made me smile and was a constant source of entertainment and laughs for my daughter and me. Looking at these cute cat prints reminds me of that sweet funny cat. There will never be another cat like our Sugar…

  25. Love this fabric, so darn cute and yes all my kitties will be indrs tonight.

  26. I have a cat for the first time in my life. My daughter talked me into adopting one from our local shelter about a year ago. No notable story to tell; just that I’m continually amazed at her personality and antics. Thanks sew much for this chance to win some kitty themed fabric!

  27. Gail Blumengarten

    In some European countries it is white cats that are considered bad luck!

  28. The cat fabrics are divine. I am battling so much to find cat fabrics in South Africa for my shop. Hope I can win some 🙂

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