Patriotism – Red, White & Blue Stars and StripesQuilt

A patriotic quilt is a wonderful way to show your love of our country. I designed this “Patriotism – Red, White & Blue” quilt so that you can sew it for every day use of for our patriotic holidays of July 4, Memorial Day and Veterans Day. This patriotic quilt pattern is available through the WhimsyColor Shop.

Patriotism quilt, red white & blue

“Patriotism – Red, White & Blue, Stars and Stripes” quilt  is 59 1/2″ wide x 69 1/2″ high. The blocks can be adjusted to make the quilt larger or smaller or to use for table runners and placemats.  I used different red fabrics for the stripes to make it look a little scrappy.  You can make it more scrappy by using different blue fabrics for the star block backgrounds.  Its always fun to see how quilters can take a pattern and make it their own with their  fabric choices, making each quilt look so different from the other.  That’s just the nature of quilting though and what makes it such a great artisan craft!!

Sew a quilt of red, white and blue as a gift to a veteran to say thanks or for a special occasion.


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  1. Hello, i was wondering where and how i can purchase the patriotism: red white and blue quilt pattern. i simply LOVE it. my nephew just joined the united stated marine corp and i would love to have this completed for him by the time he is finished with boot camp. any help would be greatly appreciated. thanks. rebecca.

  2. Phyllis, Is there any chance that this pattern can be purchased somewhere? Looks like I missed the “Quilt Dash” by about 2 years! Thanks for any information

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