Kitties and Yoga Combine for New Fabrics!

I always get excited with a new fabric collection and am extremely so with my next collection Purr-fect Balance. Created in bold colors, Purr-fect Balance has 16 cats in yoga poses along with some snarky names of yoga poses created in kitty lingo.

Purr-fect Balance Kitty Yoga fabrics

I designed this collection for Quilting Treasures. Since it’s still in printing, Quilting Treasures is taking pre-orders from quilt and fabric stores for shipping in November 2014. If you have a favorite fabric store, you can check with them on ordering this collection.

Cat Yoga quilt

A couple of months ago, I received small sample pieces of each fabric to review for approval. Not to let any scrap go to waste, I designed and created a small quilt to show at Quilt Market.  I don’t have a pattern available for this one, but will work up one soon. In addition, I will let you know about free quilt and sewing patterns to go with these fabrics.

My kitty was the inspiration behind these fabrics although his poses were mostly curling up in sleep. But he did have some great sleep poses and funny positions. RIP Kitty Kat.

I hope that you will add some furry love to your quilting and sewing!


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  1. Hi Phyllis,
    Cute sampler quilt. I think you really like cats. Would that my body could do some of those poses. Do you have a new cat? We have strays that wander around in the back yard from time to time. I enjoy other friends animals no more for us. Saw a beautiful Italian Greyhound last week while out celebrating our 54th anniversary with our daughter. Naturally I had to pet him. He was beautiful. Mary

    • I love both cats and dogs, but right now cats are easier for us to care for since I travel a lot. I’m planning to get a new cat but its on hold for a bit. I would love to see an Italian Greyhound! Thanks for your comment Mary!

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