Create a Wedding Gift – Dove and Heart Wedding Quilt!

The wedding “season” is arriving soon, but you still have plenty of time to create an heirloom wedding gift with this Dove and Heart Wedding Quilt pattern.

Dove and Heart Wedding Quilt Pattern

This quilt is wall hanging size of 42″ x 42″ but is easy to increase the size if you want a larger quilt. This pieced and appliqué quilt has appliqué hearts and doves to symbolize love and marriage.  The center block with the two hearts has space to embroider the bride and groom’s name and date of wedding if you choose to. The block arrangement is easy enough for beginners to piece.  The pattern includes full size heart and dove pattern templates.

This pattern is available on Craftsy for purchase.

Happy Quilting and best wishes for all the brides and grooms!


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  1. Hi Phyllis, I’ve been searching for a wedding quilt project that I can make as a wedding gift for my
    niece who is getting married in September. I know this quilt is 42″ X 42″ and you mention that it can easily be made larger. Is it possible to make it a little smaller? I have a very narrow throat on my sewing machine, but I really want to free motion to really personalize and bring it to life! Can you explain if it can be made smaller and whether it is a fairly simple process to change the dimensions.
    Also, your suggested fabric choice for the background is gray. My niece LOVES purple, and I would really appreciate your expert opinion on how it will look if I substitute a dark purple for the gray?
    I hope to hear back from you very soon since I have such a short window of time to make this quilt!
    Linda Badessa 🙂

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