The Gift of a Special Mermaid!

When I was on a work-cation at the beach a few weeks ago with my husband who was vacationing, my talented friend Brenda Pinnick visited (see my prior blog post on one of the craft projects resulting from our craft brainstorming). After we talked crafts, bought some craft supplies and then crafted a while, Brenda asked if she could paint something on one of my walls. Of course, I said yes immediately (Brenda is a well known artist and an expert at painting murals).

Brenda selected a wall, made a quick sketch and started painting. A gorgeous mermaid emerged from her paint brush. I have always loved mermaids as they are so romantic and whimsical, so I was more than thrilled to have one on my wall, especially since it was painted by a wonderful friend.

Here’s a closeup of her face,  isn’t she beautiful!

Now, is there such a thing as a MerMAN?


Meow Meow! Whimsy cats on products

“Meow Meow” says the cat to all you cat lovers!  The cats with ‘tude from my Meow Meow fabric collection are on products in my

Zazzle store, starting with “The Master”, a cat who knows he’s the boss (but aren’t they all!).

The Master Cat Tee Shirt
The Master Cat Tee Shirt by phyllisdobbs
Find other Cat T-Shirts at
The Master Cat Mouse Pad
The Master Cat Mouse Pad by phyllisdobbs
View other Cat Mousepads at

I am working on creating products with all 10 of the whimsical cats fron this collection and will add them to my store for a delightful and fun assortment to make you smile.

The attitudes were all inspired by own cat, who definitely has the ‘tude.



Color, Couleur, Colore, Kleur – Whatever the language, Color rules!

Wow, just imagine – no color!  Think of fall without the oranges, golds, and yellows of falling leaves, spring without the pinks, purples, oranges and yellows of flowers, and summer without the green grass and leaves. What would the sky be without blue or the seas without the turquoises and greens?

I am a color junkie with all of my art and fabrics created with vibrant colors.  I love color and will buy something I really don’t need, just because I love the color. I paint rooms too frequently because its exciting to change colors (some of my rooms have enough layers of paint for it to qualify as insulation).

My close friend Brenda Pinnick has a passion for color and has founded Brenda Pinnick Color U in which she teaches workshops on color as well as offering color consulting. Brenda Pinnick

Its available for everyone from an individual who wants to know more about color and palettes (such as a quilter, sewer, crafter or decorator) or manufacturers who wants to give their product lines a “wow” with color. Also, retail business can have Brenda’s workshops conducted in their stores as well as learn how to use color in their businesses to increase sales.

Since its almost autumn, I want to show you one of Brenda’s palettes that she created for autumn  Isn’t it absolutely the most fantastic combination of colors!

Brenda is definitely qualified as a color expert as an award-winning graduate of the prestigious portfolio school, Creative Circus.  There she studied in-depth color theory as well as continuing to work and study color since. So if you want any advise on color or the psychology of color, then Brenda is the go-to person!

Have a wonderful colorful day! (I’m not trying to brain-wash you, just color-wash you!)


Woof Woof – Dog Bone It! Dog Patterns

Doggie Lingo” and “Dog Bones” are two whimsy and fun patterns in “It’s A Dog’s LIfe“, my fabric collection by Quilting Treasures.  These patterns are now available on several products in my Zazzle store. These men’s ties are great for dog lovers, they will also be a perfect gift for a veterinarian or others who work with animals as well as for people who work with children to bring tons of giggles from little ones. The ties are available in both “dog lingo words” and in “dog bones”, both in vibrant, fun colors, with additional color selections.

They coordinate with all the other products available with the individual dogs featured in “It’s A Dog’s Life” collection – Quilt Lover Dog, Chef Dog, Beach Dog, Angel Dog, Garderner Dog and the others.

Here’s to your dog – woof, woof!


“Keep it Green” ecology art on new products.

Keep It Green” art is a fun and whimsical way to show your love of the earth and in protecting it.  The elements of earth are incorporated into this art, with the sky, stars, seas, and forests all represented in borders that surround the earth.  A small blue whale adds a charming touch to the seas. The image is available on products in my Zazzle store.

The products available include the apron above (aprons aren’t just for cooking but can be used for crafts and gardening as well).  Other items include tees and other clothing, totes, stationery items, stamps, and much more.  There’s even a dog sweater so that your dog can match what you wear as well as help get the message out to Keep it Green!

Check out all the other products to show your support of keeping the earth clean and alive for generations to come as well as to support Mother Earth and Earth Day.

Have a great week and remember to help “Keep It Green”.


Kick up your Heels and enjoy!

“Kick up Your Heels!” is the basis of a new collection in my Zazzle store.  The images have a choice of a white, yellow or green background and have a wimsy border and are shown on products ranging from stationery, invitations, aprons, mugs, clothing and many more. Support the attitude and enjoy life with a little kick of the heels!

The back of the invitation is fully customizable so that you can put your information on it.

When I look at this invitation, I see a girls night out! But its all perfect for everyday as well to show a sassy attitude. Why not “Kick Up Your Heels” while doing housework!

I invite you to take a look at these products and kick up YOUR heels!


“It’s A Dog’s Life” art featured on products

I’m featuring my art from “It’s a Dog’s Life” fabrics on products in my new Zazzle store, with delightful and vibrantly colored dogs in their daily routines.  I just opened the store so that my art can be easily found on products.  I am beginning with the art from my “It’s a Dog’s Life” fabric collection and have an extensive collection of products geared toward quilters with Quilt Lover Dog.

I am featuring Quilt Lover Dog, Beach Dog, Angel Dog, Gardener Dog, and Chef Dog currently with more dogs and categories to be added daily.  The Quilt Lover Dog has an expanded product line that quilt lovers as well as quilt guilds will love.

Products include aprons, stationery, tote bags, cards and notes, and much more.  The notebook above has matching pages to hold notes on your quilts as well as guild notes or use as a scrapbook for your photos. All products can be customized to add your name, guild name and anything else you want on your product.

Please check back for more products and happy quilting!


Cooler Chicago for the (CHA) Craft & Hobby Show

I was in Chicago last week to attend the Craft and Hobby Show, the trade show for anything related to crafts (a consumer show followed the trade show). It was exciting to see the show floor filled with people who also seemed excited as well.

While there, my friend Brenda Pinnick and I took some time off to catch the El and go into Chicago to visit the museum at the Art Institute of Chicago. Its a fabulous museum and had expanded with a new modern wing that has been open a year.

The weather was fabulous, much cooler and less humid than here at home so Brenda and I spend some time walking through the city as well.  Chicago is so clean and beautiful and there were flowers everywhere along the streets. Large planters divided the street on Michigan Avenue as we walked toward the museum.  And there were plenty of sidewalk cafes with vibrant flowers.

Huge planters also lined the street.  I just happen to be in front of this one.

I am a huge fan of Art Nouveau and in Chicago, you don’t need to go to a museum to see a lot of this style as its prevalent throughout the City on buildings and other items of interest.

These 2 pictures shows some of the art nouveau designs on buildings.

And here is the famous Chicago Theater landmark on State Street, probably the most photographed  building in Chicago. 

One final shot – the Chicago River.  Didn’t I tell you Chicago was beautiful!

We enjoyed our day and it rejuvenating to have a break.  The next day, it was back to the CHA show  for meetings and to walk the show as well as visit with friends.

Here’s to a beautiful day for everyone!


Guest Blog on

I was invited to write a guest blog on by Create for Less.  I enjoyed writing about crafting and how it inspired and influenced a creative career for me.  I learned crafts early, taught by my mother and aunt.  As I see all the emphasis on various retro periods, I think of the crafts I was doing during each period. is hosted by a craft expert and professional of many years, Maria Nerius and is a fabulous site for anyone who loves art, crafts, creative design and working with their hands.

I invite you to read my post and would love to receive comments from you.


Live chats still available.

If you missed my live chat on the Fiber Arts/Mixed Media forum, you can still read the chat.  I duscuss Art Marketing and Licensing and had a lot of quesitons asked from attendees all around the world.  In addition, if you have any questions, you can ask them on the Fiber Arts/Mixed Media forum and I will answer to the best of my ability.

Also if you missed my interview on BlogTalkRadio, Inspired at Home with Tiffany Windsor, you can also listen to it.  I am interviewed on trendspotting – how to find trends and using trends in crafting, designing and decor.

I would love to hear what you have so say, so please post any comment or questions that you may have.


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