Tagged by a friend – read fun facts about your favorite bloggers.

I’ve been tagged by my friend Sue Zipkin.  She is an artist with a wonderful delightful style of art and color.  Her art appears on many products.  I actually bought several items with her images on them long before I met her.  Read about her tag facts on her blog.

Tagging is a different and fun way to read little know things about your favorite bloggers.  The tag rules are:

1. Link to the tagger.

2. Share 7 random or weird facts about yourself.

3. Tag 7 people, post their names and links to their blogs on your blog.

4. Tell the 7 people you tagged by posting “Tag you’re it” on their blogs in their comments box and explain the rules to them. Nobody is obligated! Just have fun.

My random facts:

1. I was not given a middle name when I was born, just the initial of my father’s given name. It was the same with my brothers. My father was Greek and we were told it was a Greek tradition. Later, I realized that my father had a middle name.

2. My secret dream is to write a novel. It will be a thriller – bodies and twists and turns, just no blood.

3. I’m a travel junkie. I try to learn as much history about the places I visit. And I love see as much as I can and will take off exploring, following streets on a whelm (as long as the area is safe).

4. I brought a little black kitten home 3 years ago against the wishes of my husband. The kitten was rescued by my sister-in-law and won my heart immediately. We’ve always had dogs and Danny didn’t like cats. Now, he just loves and adores our Kitty Kat as much as I do and is a converted cat lover. 

5. I collect quotes. Since I’ve had Kitty Kat, my favorite quote has become “You can’t outstubborn a cat” (Robert A. Heinlein).

6. I love nature, especially flowers and trees. Although its hazardous, while driving I look at trees and their shapes as well as watch for wildflowers.

7. I love color and buy things simply because of the color (usually small ticket items).  I love office products in exciting colors. I also buy fabric because of the gorgeous colors and as a result, I have a really huge stash of fabrics.

The friends that I am tagging are Brenda Pinnick, Anna Maria Horner, Gina Halladay (Quilters Buzz), Claudine Hellmuth, Audrey Jeanne Roberts, and Joan Elliott. You can check on their links at the right in my blogroll to read their fabulous blogs and their “tag” facts.

And here are a couple of pictures of Kitty Kat – he likes flowers as much as I do. Its amazing how a ball of fluff can warm your heart, whether it is a cat, dog or any other animal.Phyllis Dobbs’ cat 1Kitty Kat Phyllis Dobbs Cat

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