New quilting designs – Quilted Chair Cover and Curtain

I just received a book,  Sew It in a Weekend that features 2 quilted items that I designed.  Quilted Chairback

The “Simple-to-Quilt Chair Cover” adds a decorative touch to a room.  Easy to make, it ties onto your chair.  The quilt batting adds a little cushion to the chairbck.

The window curtain panel was created with the Sweetheart Ballerinas fabric collection that I designed for Quilting Treasures.  For the batting, I used Warm & Safe TM by the Warm Company, which is flame retardant and a big plus for window treatments.  Sweetheart Ballerina curtain

 Sew It in a Weekend is published by House of White Birches and is edited by Julie Johnson, the editor for Sewing Savvy  magazine. I really like that the pages are spiral bound so that the book lays flat when opened.

Sewing away with new designs

New sewing projects on the horizon!  I just completed a sewing project that I designed for a publication due out in a few months.  I can’t give any details but thought I would give a sneak peak of the fabrics I used.  I am a fabric junkie and just love bright colored fabrics. Fabrics for projectIts inspirational just looking at my fabric stash because of all the colors.  This is just a small part of my fabric stash.My fabric stash


I’m leaving Thursday for the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show in Chicago.  I just read a comparison somewhere that its like the World Fair of craft shows.  I agree and wish I could remember where I saw that, but my brain is in overload right now.  I am displaying in the Designer Showcase at the show and am working on last minute preparations.  The show is so exciting to attend and check out all the new products available to the crafters of the world

Best wishes for a happy day to each of you! 

4th of July celebrating with friends and home made ice cream

Home Made Peach Ice CreamHome made ice cream – what can be better?  Hummm, home made peach ice cream.  We decided to pull out the ice cream maker that had been gathering dust and churn it out while celebrating the 4th. My friend Denise Clason had just sent her “Mothers Best Ice Cream” recipe last week, so we decided to give it a try.  Yum – really good.  We had our friends and neighbors, Billy and Shirley, over to help eat it. 

Here is Denise’ recipe – I added 8 peaches cut into small pieces.  Delicious! 

My Mother’s Best Ice Cream recipe

8 C Lt cream

4 eggs

1 pkg powered sugar

2 T vanilla

¼ t. salt

2 C milk or whipping cream, or 1 C milk and 1 C whipping cream

10-12 pounds crushed ice

1 box rock salt


1.  Heat 4 C lt. cream until scalded (not burned) in heavy sauce pan.

2.  In medium bowl with wire whisk, mix eggs and powdered sugar until blended.

3.  Gradually stir in 1 C of the hot cream.  Gradually pour egg mixture back into cream.  Heat for approximately 15 minutes or until the liquid becomes slightly thick – it does not need to boil.

4.  Add remaining 4 C lt. cream, 2 C milk or whipping cream, vanilla and salt and mix.

5.  Pour into the freezer container and chill in the refrigerator until cool.

6.  Follow manufacturer’s directions for freezing


20 minutes prep time and about 25-30 minutes freezing.

***Add these ingredients to get a flavor like Cold Stone:  1 C raspberry jam, 1 C cut up blackberries, ¼ C raspberry syrup, ½ C baby chocolate chips.  Stir together and freeze longer.


Denise is a fellow designer and is author of Quilted Bags and Totes.   if any of you are quilters, join Denise’s Yahoo Quilting group.

We started the 4th off with breakfast at Billy and Shirley’s house, with breakfast cooked outside on a huge grill. 

Billy, Shirley and hubby Danny (white shirt) chat after breakfast. July 4 breakfast


Then there’s me relaxing in the hammock.  Actually Danny didn’t think I could get in it without flipping.  Piece of cake!Phyllis in Hammock

I hope each of you enjoyed the 4th in your own special way.  

Visit to Seattle and to the Seattle Glassblowing Studio

I just love glass and and all the fantastic shapes and colors.  Seattle is noted for producing beautiful glass art.  Since I had some time to myself in Seattle before my husband, brother and sister-in-law flew in to join me on vacation I didn’t waste any time and headed immediately to the Seattle Glassblowing Studio.

Seattle Glassblowing Studio shopWow!!! Not only do they have a shop filled with beautiful glass, but thrill of it all, you can stand in the back and watch the artisans at work.

I found it fascinating to watch and could have stood there for hours.  Although I may have the technical terms wrong, I will do my best to describe the process.

Furnaces at the Seattle Glassblowing StudioThe studio has furnaces on one side where they insert their glass that is attached to a long rod.

Rolling Glass to create formThe artisan sits between two bars and roll the rods with the glass to create the uniform design.  He adds foil, shapes the end with additional heat and other techniques to form the piece.

Glass blowing at Seattle Glassblowing StudioWhile the artisan is rolling the glass and creating the shape, another artisan blows the glass.

Seatle Glassblowing Studio shopMore of the shop – it was all eye candy, better than real candy since there are no calories.  Of course, I had to buy something and with all the choices, it took me a while to decide. (I will take a picture of it and post tomorrow.)

The Seattle Glassblowing Studio has classes and I would absolutely love to take them.  Unfortunately, they are located completely catercorner across the US from where I live.  If you are in Seattle, stop by, watch and shop.  They are easy to locate and not far from the Space Needle.

Quilt Market and Meow Meow Cat Fabrics – Free Patterns for Quilt and Table Runner

For the debut of the Meow Meow cat fabric collection that I designed for Quilting Treasures, I also designed a table runner and a quilt for their booth at the International Quilt Market trade show.  The table runner is shown in the photo with a cat pet carrier.   Meow Meow cat fabric


The Meow Meow quilt was displayed on the wall in the Quilting Treasures booth.   Meow Meow cat fabric quilt 


Both the Quilt and Table Runner patterns are available on the Quilting Treasures website for downloading.  While looking at these patterns, note the other patterns available.  I designed some of these as well – the Sophia quilt pattern and the Flintstones Nap Mat as well as the art and instructions for the Blanc et Noir quilt by Marie Osmond.  In addition, there is a free quilt pattern for the Sweetheart Ballerina fabric collection that I designed. 

Please enjoy using these free patterns – there are so many great patterns available for you to choose from.

Quilt Market in Portland with Meow Meow Cat Fabric Debut

International Quilt Market is always a beautiful trade show, full of eye candy with all the beautiful colors of quilts and fabrics.  It was an exciting event for me as Meow, Meow, my new cat fabric collection debuted with Quilting Treasures.

I also created several projects for Quilting Treasures’ booth using Meow Meow.  I’m in the center with Donna (left) and Jodi (right) from Quilting Treasures.  The two quilted projects shown in front are a Meow Meow Cat Carrier (with a fluffy white “stuffed” cat), and a Meow Meow Table Runner.  Free instructions for making the table runner as well as a quilt will be on the Quilting Treasures website for downloading soon.  I will post a link when it it up.

Meow Meow Cat Fabric debut


Two other quilted projects that I designed with Meow Meow cat fabrics are a Chair Back Cover and a Tote Bag.

Meow Meow Cat Fabric Projects

Quilt Market was held in Portland, OR in mid-May, during an unexpected heatwave with temperatures in the 90’s.  Since I live in the South with high temperatures, I was looking forward to the cooler days in Portland.  Oh well, at least it didn’t rain.

Portland was really beautiful with all the flowers blooming.  Even though Portland is known for roses, I think it should be noted for rhododendrons as they were huge and blooming everywhere.  They were gorgeous and gave additional eye candy for Quilt Market.

Rhododendren at Quilt Market in Portland

After Quilt Market as I took a vacation to Seattle and an Alaskan cruise.  Please check back for lots more from Quilt Market as well as some photos of unbelievable scenic views from Alaska and Mt Ranier.

Project Designs for Quilt Market with “Meow, Meow” – my new cat fabric

I’ve worked up a couple of projects with my new “Meow Meow” cat fabric that I designed for for Quilting Treasures.Meow Meow Tote Bag I will carry these with me to Quilt Market to use during the show to show how the fabrics work up in sewing and quilting projects. 

Meow Meow show badge holderThe badge holder and tote bag will also be quite useful as well to keep up with my “stuff” during the show. 

I will be in Quiiting Treasures’ booth Saturday afternoon 2-4 pm to meet attendees.  There will also be other quilt and sewing models in their booth featuring “Meow Meow”.  So for those of you attending Quilt Market (open to the trade only), please stop in.  I would love to meet you.

Today’s Creative Home Arts Magazine has 4 sewing and quilt projects by me!


Today\'s Creative Home ArtsI just received the latest issue of Today’s Creative Home Arts magazine.  I have 4 designs created with the Sweetheart Ballerina fabrics in this issue.

The sewing and quilt projects are designed for a child’s room with dimensional dragonflies.  The projects include a quilt, window valance, lamp shade and fabric framed bulletin board.Dragonfly Quilt  The Fabric Framed Bulletin Board is on Today’s Creative Home Arts website so that you can follow the easy instructions to create this project. Dragonfly Valance in Today\'s Creative Home ArtsThis magazine is available by subscription only and is not on the newstand.  It was fun to design these projects and I hope some of you enjoy sewing them as well.

Here Kitty, Kitty! My Meow Meow cat fabric is here!

Meow Meow Fabrics

I have received some advance pieces of my new Meow Meow fabric collection.  They are piled here on my cutting table so that I can start sewing with them.

I am so excited about  this fabric collection – cats, cats and more cats, all completely inspired by my Kitty Kat’s attitudes.  Meow, Meow will debut from Quilting Treasures at the International Quilt Market in a couple of weeks. The collection turned out just as I envisioned it when I first started designing it – I could not be more pleased!

I think you will be enchanted by designs and colors of these whimsical cats and find a favorite cat “tude”.

Check back as I will show more of these fabrics very soon and some of the projects I’m creating with them.

CHA – what a show! and celebrities including Jane Seymour

Its been a few days since I returned from a whirlwind several days to the CHA (Craft and Hobby Association) trade show in Anaheim, CA where I exhibited in the License and Design section. It took a day or two just to recover from taking the red eye and unpacking.

The show was fabulous, loaded with new products and a real inspiration for the designers attending the show. In addition, its fun catching up with old friends as well as making new ones. And on top of that, the weather was perfect, warm and sunny.

I took three seminars while at the show – How to Create a Strategic Licensing Plan and How to Forecast Trends, both by Joanne Fink (pictured below) of Lakeside Design. Joanne Fink at CHAIn addition, I took the seminar Liensing Your Creative Content on All Kinds of Products by Cheryl Phelps. All 3 seminars were excellent and really loaded with top notch information. This is Cheryl (long hair) with me in my booth. Any time either of these Cheryl Phelps at CHAwomen give a talk, its definitely worth attending.

I didn’t take many photos at the show since I was in my booth most of the time.  However, I did take a break to see Jane Seymour at a booksigning of her book at the show. She’s just as beautiful in person as she is on TV. Jane Seymour at CHA BooksigningJane Seymour at CHANow its time to get my feet back on the ground from the show high and dive back into work. I have been getting updates on the progress of my next fabric collection and its coming along fabulously. I can’t wait to tell you more about it.

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