Interview by Terrys Fabrics, England

I just received this interview that Terrys Fabrics Co, UK conducted with me and am delighted to share it.  Thank you to Terrys Fabrics!

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics UK

For the top 5 choices above, Number 2 is from Lori Siebert Studio Blog, and number 4 are tea towels from Robin Pickens.


Quilt like the Gypsy Wind!

The colors of the fabrics used in this quilt – turquoise, lime green and purple – are my favorite colors. So I was “in heaven” while designing and sewing “Gypsy Wind” for the book “Patchwork Comforters, Throws and Quilts” published by House of White Birches.  The fabrics are Marie Osmond’s “Gypsy Breeze” collection by Quilting Treasures.  

41 colorful and exciting quilts are shown in this book along with patterns and instructions.  It is a book quilt lovers will cherish.

And if you love these fabrics as much as I do, please check out my earlier post where I met Marie Osmond at the International Quilt Market with another quilt I designed using these fabrics for Quilting Treasures’ booth.

I wish you a day filled with your favorite colors.


Sew a reversible apron!

Trendy and flirty aprons are so much fun to wear and are so easy to sew.  I designed and sewed this reversible apron that was featured in the June issue of Quilter’s World. This one is unique in that it is reversible so it gives two distinct looks with one apron.  And for an extra detail, the bodice is quilted.

I chose my favorite colors when creating these aprons, purple and green (with a touch of turquoise) for one side and turquoise and purple for the 2nd side.  The fabric is from Quilting Treasures.  The pattern is the same for each apron side, however, I created 2 different looks by changing the bottom edges.  One edge is a straight border design while the other apron has a bottom edge with ziz zag design.

I hope you enjoy the hot weather by staying inside and sewing.  Aprons are easy to sew and a great way to show off your sewing skills!


Quilted table runner – 4 panels to fit each side of your table.

I love table runners.  I recently received a copy of the book Patchwork Table Runners by House of White Birches of the DRG Network and its filled with wonderful table runners to quilt. And, I’m excited that a table runner that I designed is in the book.

I wanted to design something different, so I created this Four Panel Table Runner that fits across 4 sides of a table, plus it can fit just as well on a round table. Another plus is that it can be used instead of placemats.  Its easy to make and works up pretty fast.

I hope you check out this book – you will love all the great table runners, including some for the holidays.

Happy Quilting,


Daisy Pocket Quilt in Quilter’s World Magazine

I just received the August issue of Quilter’s World magazine and am excited to share it with you.  I designed one of the quilts in this issue – Daisy Pocket Quilt. Its an easy-to-make quilt that would be perfect for kids and teens because it has pockets to hold their “stuff”.  I designed it in the bright colors of “Kids Go Green” fabrics from Quilting Treasures to add a dramatic accent for a wall.

I stipple quilted this quilt in an all-over pattern, a technique that I love, but outline or echo quilting would also work well with this quilt. It would also be a great project for a new sewer or quilter in your family.

Thanks for stopping by and and stay tuned – I have lots more to show you!

Have a great day


New Quilting and Sewing patterns

I can’t believe that May is just about here.  I’ve had my design hat on the past several months and I think being totally focused on work makes time fly by even faster.  I’ve read that when you are in your “right brain” mode, you are unaware of practical things like time.

I just received a copy ot the May/June issue of Today’s Creataive Home Arts magazine which contained some of the fruits of my labor.  A collection of kitchen sewing and quilting items are featured in the magazine using the Meow Meow cat fabrics that I designed for Quilting Treasures.

The projects are an apron, quilted potholder, quilted placemat, quilted chairback and cafe curtains with full instructions for each. Also, a cat carrier is featured as a bonus design that can be downloaded from the Home Arts website – kitty not included.  Ok, I know I have focused on this fabric lately, but I’m going to the dogs shortly with my newest fabric collection. 

Cats in Quilts – A Little Bit Catty

I just received a copy of the April issue of Quilter’s World magazine and was delighted to see “A Little Bit Catty”, a quilt I had designed using the Meow Meow fabrics I designed for Quilting Treasures.  I really had fun making this quilt and and hope that some of you cat lovers out there will give it a try as well.

A close up of one corner:

Let me know if you give this quilt or the pattern a try!  But hurry and get a copy while its still on the newstands!


Sew a makeup bag or jewelry roll

I recently received the March issue of Sewing Savvy magazine.  I was delighted to see the article featuring the Blooming Flowers Jewelry Roll and Makeup Bag that I designed and wanted to share it with you.

These are easy to make and feature embellishment with beads and applique.  I also provided instructions to adjust the sizes of the bags.  This issue is filled with wonderful sewing projects.

Have a delightful day!


Valentine Quilted Table Runner

I’m running a little behind in posting this since Valentine’s Day was a week ago.  But I wanted to show you this Valentine Day Table runner that I designed for Quilter’s World magazine.

This is a project that you can plan for next year for Valentine’s Day , or use year round with color changes to match your decor. Hearts are great for any day of the year!

I wish you all a happy day!


Jean Embroidery – “Hot Mama” chili pepper embroidery design in Sewing Savvy

Hot Mama jean embroidery

Embroidery is a fabulous way to embellish your jeans (or jean jacket).  I just received the July issue of Sewing Savvy that has the “Hot Mama” chili pepper iean embroidery that I designed.

Chili Pepper Embroidered Jeans

Embroidery designs will add some colorful and spicy accents to your jeans, so check out this issue of Sewing Savvy, curently at your news stand, for the instructions and patterns.

Chili Pepper Jean embroidery

To see more jean embroidery designs that I created, click “Denimbroidery” in my category list to the right.  This link will show jean embroidery kits that I designed for Janlynn, Inc.

While you are looking through the July issue of Sewing Savvy, check out the ad for the Meow Meow cat fabrics that I designed for Quilting Treasures (Page 55).

I hope that you will give your jeans a little tweaking with a needle and a few strands of floss.  I would love to see what you stitch.

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