Sneak Peak – New Fabric Collection “Celebrate”

I’m excited to give you a sneak peak at my newest fabric collection “Celebrate” from Quilting Treasures, filled with cakes and cupcakes. It will be available for shipping to stores in June 2012. As you can see, the colors are bright primary colors that are perfect for both boys and girls. The designs are also great for all ages, from kids to adults, after all, you never get too old to celebrate! It was really fun creating these designs but it did activate my sweet tooth! Fortunately, all the cakes and cupcakes were created with paint so no calories!

Celebrate fabric collection from Quilting Treasures by Phyllis Dobbs

This design is the main design of a patch panel. Other fabrics in the “Celebrate” collection will include lots of fun designs and stripes all in bright “celebration” colors and all coordinated for delightful quilting and sewing projects. Think of a celebration or birthday quilt, or a banner or table runner for a birthday party.  There will be several free patterns available from Quilting Treasures when the fabric is in. Plus, I will create some patterns to post here on my blog for free download – I already have several ideas formed and just waiting to sew them. I just love designing patterns to go with my fabrics.

I can’t wait to show you all the fabrics when they are out!  And it won’t be long – I can’t believe June is so close already!  Meanwhile, I’ve been working away on the next fabric collection and am just as excited about it! Its still on the drawing board, but I’m loving it.

So please check back for fun fabrics and lots of free patterns and think cake and cupcakes. And here’s to a little celebration in your life each day.


It’s Wine Time! – New Products on Little Red Tulip

I love Little Red Tulip, a new online store from which you can get assorted one-of-a-kind personalized products for kids and adults. My Wine Time! art images are now available on products including notebooks, binders (for notes, recipes or your favorite wines), coasters, and clipboards featuring both red wine and white wine art.  These are perfect for you wine lovers.

Little Red Tulip online store

More Wine Time! products will soon be available on journals, note cards and invitations. All of the items can be personalized with your name or initial. The coasters and notebooks have designs on both sides, with one side available for personalization.

Little Red Tulip products featuring Phyllis Dobbs

Please check Little Red Tulip out for a wide assortment of gift, stationery, office, baby, and home accent products, all with unique art from various artists. I will also have more of my art collections coming soon.  And while you are at it, please check out my bio on the Little Red Tulip blog along with the bio’s of the other artists.

Bottoms up!


Off to the Creative Connection Event!

I am looking forward with excitement to The Creative Connection Event, co-founded by Jo Packham, Editor in Chief of “Where Women Create” and “Where Women Cook”.  Held in St. Paul, MN starting September 17, this is the 2nd year of the Event. I decided to attent after hearing great things about last year’s event.

Creative Connection Event by Where Women Create

Geared toward creative women, the event focuses on handmade and on food and cooking. I guess I don’t have to tell you that since I had to choose one direction, I chose handmade. In addiiton, a day will be devoted to social media and blogging.

And, Pitch Slam slams are being held one afternoon where one can pitch a product or literary idea to a panel of professionals for each of several fields. The Pitch Slams are limited to 9 people for each category, with the 9 people selected randomly.  It was a “whoohoo!” moment for me when I found out that I was selected for one of the pitch slams. So, I am busy working on my “product” to pitch in a time frame of 3 to 4 minutes.

The Creative Connection Event will also have a market place and a book store, 2 of my favorites for any event!

I haven’t been to St. Paul, but have been to Minneapolis a few times and love the area. I’m especially looking forward to visiting the area and attending the event! All this plus some good friends who are also attending should all combine for an inspirational few days, learning new things and great networking.

Check back as I will write all about my experiences at TCC!



Atlanta Gift Market – New Products and A Cool Perspective!

Its been a whirlwind the past two weeks, attending two trade shows literally back to back.  Attending the Atlanta Gift Market is always a treat with so many new products and fabulous colors capturing my attention as well as meeting up with friends. The market was abuzz with buyers making their selections from the new products.  I saw a lot of retro, but it was an equal mix with contemporary and whimsy.  I thought the color turquoise was dominant throughout market, while a friend thought pink stood out. (Me – I’m still with turquoise!)

Speaking of new products, I found one of my products, Our Henhouse garden flag, debuting in Evergreen’s showroom. (The picture is a little grainy and the flag colors are way off due to the lighting, so I am showing another picture of the flag so you can see the correct colors.)

Our Henhouse Rooster Garden Flag designed by Phyllis Dobbs for Evergreen Enterprises

Rooster garden flag Evergreen Enterprises by Phyllis Dobbs

I met up with several artist friends one afternoon for drinks and talking.  By the time that our conversation toned down and we remembered to take a picture, several had already left.

Artists gathering at Atlanta Gift Market

Shown left to right are Karen Embry, Cherish Flielder, Sharon Himes, Jane Maday, myself, Brenda Pinnick and Stella Violano. Please visit their blogs to see their fabulous art and a possible sneak peak of new products featuring their art.

Strangely, although it was the middle of the summer, the weather turned cool during market with cool evening breezes.  Not so, with the next show, CHA (Craft and Hobby), which was in Chicago during the middle of a heat wave.  Please check back as I saw many fun products that I was allowed to take pictures of.

Stay cool!


Meow Meow! Whimsy cats on products

“Meow Meow” says the cat to all you cat lovers!  The cats with ‘tude from my Meow Meow fabric collection are on products in my

Zazzle store, starting with “The Master”, a cat who knows he’s the boss (but aren’t they all!).

The Master Cat Tee Shirt
The Master Cat Tee Shirt by phyllisdobbs
Find other Cat T-Shirts at
The Master Cat Mouse Pad
The Master Cat Mouse Pad by phyllisdobbs
View other Cat Mousepads at

I am working on creating products with all 10 of the whimsical cats fron this collection and will add them to my store for a delightful and fun assortment to make you smile.

The attitudes were all inspired by own cat, who definitely has the ‘tude.



Woof Woof – Dog Bone It! Dog Patterns

Doggie Lingo” and “Dog Bones” are two whimsy and fun patterns in “It’s A Dog’s LIfe“, my fabric collection by Quilting Treasures.  These patterns are now available on several products in my Zazzle store. These men’s ties are great for dog lovers, they will also be a perfect gift for a veterinarian or others who work with animals as well as for people who work with children to bring tons of giggles from little ones. The ties are available in both “dog lingo words” and in “dog bones”, both in vibrant, fun colors, with additional color selections.

They coordinate with all the other products available with the individual dogs featured in “It’s A Dog’s Life” collection – Quilt Lover Dog, Chef Dog, Beach Dog, Angel Dog, Garderner Dog and the others.

Here’s to your dog – woof, woof!


Kick up your Heels and enjoy!

“Kick up Your Heels!” is the basis of a new collection in my Zazzle store.  The images have a choice of a white, yellow or green background and have a wimsy border and are shown on products ranging from stationery, invitations, aprons, mugs, clothing and many more. Support the attitude and enjoy life with a little kick of the heels!

The back of the invitation is fully customizable so that you can put your information on it.

When I look at this invitation, I see a girls night out! But its all perfect for everyday as well to show a sassy attitude. Why not “Kick Up Your Heels” while doing housework!

I invite you to take a look at these products and kick up YOUR heels!


Hot’lanta – trip to the Atlanta Gift Market

It was a hot time in Atlanta as crowds arrived to attend the Atlanta Gift Market.  Mix in some humidity and it was sweltering, but it didn’t dampen our spirits while at the show.  I wish I knew how many miles I walked while there.  My poor feet wished I had not covered as much ground.

After days filled with meetings, it was fun to meet up with friends.  A highlight of my trip was a party held at the studio of Paula Joerling and Tom Haney.  Both Paula and Tom are so talented and have the most fabulous studio walking distance from market. Please check out their delightful blogs.

Tom is a master of creating kinetic sculpture art.  Here are 2 photos (which doesn’t do them justice since you can’t see the kinetic aspects.  Tom’s studio was filled with these wonderful pieces as well as tons of components.

Here’s a group photo of some of us in the studio – Elizabeth Tipton, Tom Haney, Robin Davis, Paula Joerling, Chad Barrett, me in front, Chad’s sister, and Janet Wecker Frisch.

While walking market, I saw one of the products that I designed, a garden flag for Evergreen Enterprises, Chick Power. More products will be out soon based on Chick Power.

Meanwhile, back to more gathering of friends.  A bunch of us met at the Westin to get together and basically talk and talk along with a few hugs. Pictured are Jane Maday, Terri Conrad, Martha Collins, Joyce Shelton, myself, Sue Zipkin and seated in front, BJ Lantz, and Carol Eldridge.

And, I was walking by the C.R. Gibson showroom while Jim Shore was there for a personal appearance and signing.

I have finally recouperated and am in the middle of getting work out.  Just in time to attend the CHA show in Chicago next week.  I’m looking forward to seeing several of you there!

Stay cool and out of the heat!

Upgrade for Create Product Mockups template collection

I’m happy to announce that I have completed an upgrade to my collection of product templates Create Product Mockups – for a total of 105 product templates.

Create Product Mockups is an aid for licensing artists to use to show how their art will look on products in the most popular categories.  The files are in both Photoshop and Illustrator format and are easy to use.

The 105 templates cover a wide range of products in the following categories: Bedding and Bath, Kitchen Textiles, Stationery, Tabletop, Partyware, Apparel, Baby and Kids, Garden, Home Accents as well as Basic Shapes for multitudes of uses.

The upgrade is free and has been sent to those of you who have previously purchased Create Product Mockups. As I create new templates, I will continue to provide free upgrades.

Create Product Mockups, 93 templates for artists

I’m pleased to announce that I have completed my collection of product mockup templates that I have been working on for over 2 years.  They are compiled on a CD Create Product Mockups. Two years seems like a long time ago from when I started this, but I had so many interruptions – you know, work with deadlines!  So it kept getting pushed back in spite of some people regularly asking about it.

The templates will allow you to easily put your best foot forward when showing your art to manufacturers, on mockups similar to their products.

Create Product Mockups contains 93 templates in Photoshop files and are created with clean vecor lines to give a professional mockup.  They are are also in high resolution for sharp printing.

The templates are transparent and not filled so you can use multiple methods of creating your mockup, including inserting layers under the template, as well as paste and paste into.  The collection comes with easy-to-follow and straight forward directions to easily and quickly complete professional looking product mockups.

The 93 templates cover a wide variety of products and categories for the most popular licensed products. Photoshop is required.

For more information as well as purchase information, please visit Create Product Mockups.

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