PS to my “Pinterest – Love It and Do It Right” Post

Pinterest does seem be paying attention to all the bad press its been getting in the last few weeks.  I wrote the “Pinterest – Love It and Do It Right” post a few days ago to give tips on how to pin an image to avoid copyright infringement as well as to provide a clear link back to the image source.

Copyright issues are at the heart of a big problem with pinning and repinning images. After a photographer, Kristen with DDK Portraits, wrote a blog post on why she was tearfully deleting her Pinterest boards, she received a phone call from Ben Silbermann, the owner of Pinterest. A REAL LIVE PHONE call. Please read the blog post on Kristen’s phone “Date with Ben Silbermann“. It does sound like he genuinely wants to address and correct the problems with Pinterest.  Yea!  DOUBLE YEA! Fingers and toes crossed because I do love Pinterest.

So stay tuned and to quote Bob Dylan with a word change – “the Pinterest, they are a-changin”! (We hope!)

And remember – protect you images always with a watermark, an id with your name or url, or all of these.


Creative Inspiration – Be Inspired!

What is “inspiration”?  As a noun, it is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The Thesaurus lists similiar words: example, muse, motivation, encouragement, influence, stimulus and catalyst.

Artists, designers, and anyone creating something derive inspiration from numerous sources. We use it to influence what we create with our own interpretation – it sparks a creative impulse that goes through a thought process in our minds and souls to create something unique.  I especially like the word “catalyst” because what we see that inspires us is just the beginning.  Our end result is totally different and uniquely ours. It doesn’t matter what we create and it doesn’t have to be a “Mona Lisa”, its ours!

I’m participating in a blog hop “Be Inspired”, the wonderful idea of Brenda Pinnick. Check out the artists listed below to see their inspirations. The purpose of the hop is to illustrate how to create using inspiration instead of copying someone elses work.

My inspiration is based on something I saw in my brother Nick and sister-in-law Lyn’s kitchen.  Lyn loves black spotted cows and has collected many different ones.  While I was visiting a few years ago, I saw this cow catching a Frisbee.Black spotted cow frisbee

It triggered a new idea for me and I painted a collection of animal ballerinas, starting with a black spotted cow ballerina and added a frog and cat. Cow ballerina

It was then licensed for a fabric collection with Cranston Printworks in both this aqua color and in a pink color collection.Ballerina fabric

Be original in what you create based on inspiration. Don’t copy (verb meaning to imitate or reproduce rather than creating something original). And when you create something original, you are protected by the copyright laws, rather than being a copyright infringer from copying what someone else has created.

Please check out these artists’ blog for their wonderful inspirations.

Joanne Sharpe

Beth Parker

Sue Zipkin

Brenda Pinnick

Aaron Christensen

Sharyn Sowell

Chris Chun

Vickie Singleton

Monica Lee

Molly Smith

Shelly Kennedy

Jen Goode

Jane Maday

Robin Pickens

And please – be inspired to be original!


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