Pinterest – Love It and Do It Right!

Everyone loves Pinterest!  One word describes it – beautiful!  The pin’s (photos, images, tutorials, crafts, etc.) are all so gorgeous and inspiring.  You can get easily lost in a time warp with Pinterest (I know that from first hand experience!).  Its one of the fastest growing sites as well as becoming one of the most important tools for driving traffic – if used correctly.  There are also some pitfalls – such as violation of the copyright laws. Sometimes people are unaware of the copyright laws and without realizing it, violate them.

Pinterest, using it correctly

One way to avoid infringing of copyrights is to secure permission from the image owner before pinning it.  Plain and simple – case closed!  Some people may not want an image they posted pinned and Pinterest recently developed some code you can use to prevent pinning of an image.  Meanwhile others love having someone pin their images (and I’m one – see below).  And when you do pin something, always provide a link to the blog or website that the image came from (read below for the correct way).  Always!

I found this blog that explains how to pin correctly with 4 simple tips. Basically, when you pin, find the link where the image is located. Do not give the general url for the blog or website but use the permalink.  For a blog, click on the title of the article containing the image.  That will give you the permalink  showing at the top of the web page and is the link you should use.  In Pinterest, click at the top on “Add”, then paste the permalink.  You will get a dialog box where you can select the image that you want posted.

When pinning correctly, someone can click on the image pinned  and go to that web page to find out more information about the image pinned.  This way, you are really “sharing the love” of the pin. I have found many interesting blogs and a lot of useful information by clicking through the image.

I want to say that I personally love to have someone share my images on Pinterest, if done correctly with a permalink.

Also, to help protect your images when you are posting an image on your blog or website, place your name and link directly on the image so that it has your identifying information on it in case it “strays”, whether on Pinterest or elsewhere. I recently had one of my images found in Google inages show up on someone else’s’ blog without crediting me (a big blog no-no and a copyright infringement). Someone I know saw it because of my identifying information and contacted me. So protect your images (and put the identifying info where it can’t be easily cropped out by someone unscrupulous, and yes, unfortunately there are some of those people out there)!

Also be aware that Pinterest’s Terms of Service are becoming quite a controversy. I’ve read a lot on the for and against them, mostly against, and personally feel that they need to really make some big changes in them, BIG changes. So you need to weigh the pro’s and con’s when pinning an image.

For more on the benefits of using Pinterest for marketing, here are 56 ways to market your business on Pinterest.

Have fun pinning the correct way!


UPDATE – Flickr has now added coding so that the images on that site cannot be pinned.

Creative Inspiration – Be Inspired!

What is “inspiration”?  As a noun, it is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The Thesaurus lists similiar words: example, muse, motivation, encouragement, influence, stimulus and catalyst.

Artists, designers, and anyone creating something derive inspiration from numerous sources. We use it to influence what we create with our own interpretation – it sparks a creative impulse that goes through a thought process in our minds and souls to create something unique.  I especially like the word “catalyst” because what we see that inspires us is just the beginning.  Our end result is totally different and uniquely ours. It doesn’t matter what we create and it doesn’t have to be a “Mona Lisa”, its ours!

I’m participating in a blog hop “Be Inspired”, the wonderful idea of Brenda Pinnick. Check out the artists listed below to see their inspirations. The purpose of the hop is to illustrate how to create using inspiration instead of copying someone elses work.

My inspiration is based on something I saw in my brother Nick and sister-in-law Lyn’s kitchen.  Lyn loves black spotted cows and has collected many different ones.  While I was visiting a few years ago, I saw this cow catching a Frisbee.Black spotted cow frisbee

It triggered a new idea for me and I painted a collection of animal ballerinas, starting with a black spotted cow ballerina and added a frog and cat. Cow ballerina

It was then licensed for a fabric collection with Cranston Printworks in both this aqua color and in a pink color collection.Ballerina fabric

Be original in what you create based on inspiration. Don’t copy (verb meaning to imitate or reproduce rather than creating something original). And when you create something original, you are protected by the copyright laws, rather than being a copyright infringer from copying what someone else has created.

Please check out these artists’ blog for their wonderful inspirations.

Joanne Sharpe

Beth Parker

Sue Zipkin

Brenda Pinnick

Aaron Christensen

Sharyn Sowell

Chris Chun

Vickie Singleton

Monica Lee

Molly Smith

Shelly Kennedy

Jen Goode

Jane Maday

Robin Pickens

And please – be inspired to be original!


Copyright awareness and education – it protects all we create

Anything you create is protected by the copyright laws.  It doesn’t matter if its art, a design, written work, a craft design or a photograph. Its yours if you are the original creator and the creation does not contain someone else’s copyrighted works. You can write a poem, draw a flower, take a picture of your cat or whatever you choose to create – its yours from the moment of creation.

There are so many nuances of the law that at times it seem confusing and can result in myths. Some of these myths result in our creations being used illegally.

I have formed a new group on LinkedIn – CopyrightsArtist’s Rights to actively help educate and spread awareness of the copyright laws. I would love to have all of you who work with copyrighted materials, whether you create something or are a manufacturer, attorney or agent, join this group.

Have a beautiful, creative day!


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