A Fork in the Road – Where Will It Lead?

Have you ever thought about all the “fork in the road” situations throughout your life – where they lead you?  A tiny turn here, another turn there can lead to profound changes. Even a random “hello” while waiting to cross a street during a tradeshow or seminar, a brief introduction to someone on an escalator, or engaging in a conversation on a shuttle bus can create a tiny fork in my business. Where do these forks lead?

I have a friend who sends inspirational messages every few days. I received one this week that really hit home with me.

“Choosing a goal may cause only a slight change in your life’s direction at first. It’s like one of those huge freighters at sea: If the captain shifts course by just a few degrees, it won’t be noticeable immediately. But in several hours or days, this change in direction will bring the ship to a completely different destination…Start turning your freighter now, because up ahead, just a short distance away, is your future.” (Anthony Robbins, from his book Notes from a Friend – A quick and simple guide to taking charge of your life)

My entire career has been based on this philosophy. And quite unintentional. But looking back, I see all these little changes in directions. Some changes were based on intentional choices of what I wanted to work on. Others were so minor, like a random conversation or a brief introduction, that resulted in gradual, but huge changes in my career. You just never know when that change in direction will come or from where. Will it be something that is a well planned, thought-out change, or will it come from some insignificant, low-key randomness.

A fork in the road

Although I guided my career with intentional directions and choices, so many of the changes in direction were the result of a small randomness. The one thing that is constant is that each fork in the road or change in direction leads to other forks/changes which lead to others. Even if you pick the wrong direction, the next change can correct that direction in an even better way. Think about it.

Thanks to my friend who passed this inspirational message to me this week. And who, by the way, I met on a shuttle bus at Quilt Market over 15 years ago.

Which direction will you take today?


Creative Inspiration – Be Inspired!

What is “inspiration”?  As a noun, it is the process of being mentally stimulated to do or feel something, especially to do something creative. The Thesaurus lists similiar words: example, muse, motivation, encouragement, influence, stimulus and catalyst.

Artists, designers, and anyone creating something derive inspiration from numerous sources. We use it to influence what we create with our own interpretation – it sparks a creative impulse that goes through a thought process in our minds and souls to create something unique.  I especially like the word “catalyst” because what we see that inspires us is just the beginning.  Our end result is totally different and uniquely ours. It doesn’t matter what we create and it doesn’t have to be a “Mona Lisa”, its ours!

I’m participating in a blog hop “Be Inspired”, the wonderful idea of Brenda Pinnick. Check out the artists listed below to see their inspirations. The purpose of the hop is to illustrate how to create using inspiration instead of copying someone elses work.

My inspiration is based on something I saw in my brother Nick and sister-in-law Lyn’s kitchen.  Lyn loves black spotted cows and has collected many different ones.  While I was visiting a few years ago, I saw this cow catching a Frisbee.Black spotted cow frisbee

It triggered a new idea for me and I painted a collection of animal ballerinas, starting with a black spotted cow ballerina and added a frog and cat. Cow ballerina

It was then licensed for a fabric collection with Cranston Printworks in both this aqua color and in a pink color collection.Ballerina fabric

Be original in what you create based on inspiration. Don’t copy (verb meaning to imitate or reproduce rather than creating something original). And when you create something original, you are protected by the copyright laws, rather than being a copyright infringer from copying what someone else has created.

Please check out these artists’ blog for their wonderful inspirations.

Joanne Sharpe

Beth Parker

Sue Zipkin

Brenda Pinnick

Aaron Christensen

Sharyn Sowell

Chris Chun

Vickie Singleton

Monica Lee

Molly Smith

Shelly Kennedy

Jen Goode

Jane Maday

Robin Pickens

And please – be inspired to be original!


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