Therapeutic benefits of crafting – Craft for Health

I’ve always known that crafting reduces stress.  As I work on a quilt, sewing, needlework or other craft project, I can always feel the stress just float away  But did you know that crafting is therapeutic for all types of health conditions?

In a new blog, Craft for Health , crafters and artists write about the therapeutic effects of crafting on their health issues or traumatic events in their lives.  You can read my guest blog on how crafting helps me with Restless Leg Syndrome.

Craft for Health was founded by Kathy Peterson and Barb Dehn  RN, NP.  Kathy says, on her inspiration for creating this blog, “I always heard people telling me how much they enjoyed crafting and used it as therapy.  I also saw a void in the market.  So I approached Barb Dehn, a long time friend and business colleague about combining forces together (craft expertise with medical expertise) and we launched CFH. Together we are promoting health and wellness through crafting. Whether it’s quilting, scrap booking or using a hot glue gun, crafting can help everyone create hand made health.”

Kathy has a long career as a design expert, author and TV host and spokesperson and is currently co-hosting Lifetime TV’s The Balancing Act.  Barb is a TV health expert (ABC, CNN, NBC) and spokesperson, visits with patients and publishes health brochures.

I invite you to read my post as well as all the other inspirational and sometimes heartbreaking posts.

May you have a happy and healthy day!


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