I’m guest blogging on Quilting Gallery!

February is guest blogging month on Quilting Gallery and I was delighted to be selected for a guest blog.  I would love for you to read my blog where I discuss my love of quilts and fabrics and how I started my career in designing.

I am also offering some freebies – cuts from my Meow Meow fabric collection by Quilting Treasures.  I will select 2 people who make a comment on this blog or on my guest blog on Quilting Gallery to receive these free fabric cuts.  ALSO, I will be selecting 1 person to receive free Meow Meow fabric cuts from those that sign up for my newsletter.  The deadline is March 9 and I will announce the winners here.  Be sure to post your email address so I can contact you.

Meow Meow Fabrics

New fabric collection coming soon!

New fabric line I was very excited to see the final art for my next fabric collection with Quilting Treasures.  Everything was perfect and the colors turned out just like I wanted so I was able to give my approval for each fabric in the collection.  I can’t tell you much about the fabrics yet, but I’ve included a small, tiny sneak peak!  And they will be a nice compliment to my Meow Meow cat fabric collection.

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