Interview by Terrys Fabrics, England

I just received this interview that Terrys Fabrics Co, UK conducted with me and am delighted to share it.  Thank you to Terrys Fabrics!

Courtesy of: Terrys Fabrics UK

For the top 5 choices above, Number 2 is from Lori Siebert Studio Blog, and number 4 are tea towels from Robin Pickens.


Look Around and Observe the Patterns

Sometimes (or most of the time) we are so focused on what we are doing or thinking that we don’t look around us. By just stopping to observe our surroundings, there is so much pattern, detail and color that we normally don’t notice.

While in Atlanta for the Gift Market this month, I looked down the escalators in Building 1 and snapped a photo because it looked interesting from my viewpoint.

Escalators in Atlanta Gift Market Building 2

This photo was taken on the 14th floor. The 6th floor is at the bottom of the escalator shaft.  After attending Gift Market many times and going round and round and round on the escalators from 6th floor to 18th floor, I never noticed the pattern seen from looking down the center of the shaft.

Atlanta Gift Market floor Building 3

Walking in Building 3 of the Mart, I looked across the center  from around the 7th or 8th floor and saw this pattern formed by the elevator shaft and escalators.  I wish I had taken a picture looking down from a higher floor, but thought this looked very balanced.

View of Building 3 Atlanta Market

This is another view of the pattern formed by the open floors in Building 3 looking from the escalators. The curvature of the floors from this angle gives a different look and pattern.

Marriott Marquis Atlanta pattern of floors

After I took the pictures of the floor patterns in Market, I was in a mental mode of observing other patterns.  As I walked through the lobby of the Marriott Marquis on the way to the Hilton where I was staying, I looked up and saw this dynamic view of the floors and arrangement. It was really beautiful to see, especially since the floor vertical arrangement is not symmetrical. Previously being mentally focused on other things, it took several trips through the Marriott before I looked up and noticed it.

Atlanta Hilton Floor Repeat pattern

I noticed that the Hilton also has a pattern by looking up.  This is looking up from the 14th floor, but there were almost solid floors looking up and down so the view wasn’t as dramatic.  This view is interesting with the elevator shaft going up through the opening.  It looks like a higher view would have a better view pattern formed by open floors.

So, take a moment to look up, look down and all around you to really observe things you might be missing. Its so easy to be tunnel visioned in your thoughts or conversations.


Redux – Sew a Christmas Apron

Sew a quick Christmas apron in just a couple of hours and wear it tonight! Aprons are fun and trendy to both sew and wear! I designed this apron pattern to wear for Christmas cooking and entertaining. Designed for an earlier post here on my blog, I wanted to share the apron pattern  again. Its so easy to make, even for a beginner, and can be made in a couple of hours from your fabric stash.

Free Christmas Apron Pattern

This apron pattern and others are available in Craftsy Vibrant Quilts.

Thinking of Christmas aprons brings thoughts of all the wonderful smells of food cooking, cinnamon, and other spices. I also think of the citrus smell of oranges.

Enjoy both sewing and wearing it!


Woof Woof – Dog Bone It! Dog Patterns

Doggie Lingo” and “Dog Bones” are two whimsy and fun patterns in “It’s A Dog’s LIfe“, my fabric collection by Quilting Treasures.  These patterns are now available on several products in my Zazzle store. These men’s ties are great for dog lovers, they will also be a perfect gift for a veterinarian or others who work with animals as well as for people who work with children to bring tons of giggles from little ones. The ties are available in both “dog lingo words” and in “dog bones”, both in vibrant, fun colors, with additional color selections.

They coordinate with all the other products available with the individual dogs featured in “It’s A Dog’s Life” collection – Quilt Lover Dog, Chef Dog, Beach Dog, Angel Dog, Garderner Dog and the others.

Here’s to your dog – woof, woof!


Quilting for the dogs (and more)!

Don’t you love surprises!  Receiving a new book is always wonderful but this one has 3 quilt projects of mine in it.  5-10-15 + Fat Quarters, published by House of White Birches is a beautiful book filled with projects that you can complete with pre-cut fabric bundles.

Now, wouldn’t you just love to make this dog coat for your dog?  It’s made with “It’s A Dog’s Life” fabrics I designed for VIP by Cranston Printworks. (Just a note to tell you that some fabrics of this collection are in some Walmart stores as precuts). The pattern is easy to make so you can have the best dressed dog in the neighborhood.

OK, now that your dog is dressed, you can move onto making a cozy quilted pillow for a favorite child or each of your favorite children, since I’m sure you have more than one. This “chick pillow” is made with a full size pillow so it will fit nicely on a bed. Three pockets to hold little treasures are appliqued with a chick on each pocket. Can’t you just imagine the surprises that can be tucked away in these pockets for safekeeping until the next morning! (no snakes or snails I hope!)

Now its time to move onto some serious quilting and make a table runner for yourself or as a gift. A “Warm Breeze” tablerunner is made with Jim Shore’s Angel Among Us fabrics by Quilting Treasures. I had the good luck to meet Jim Shore a couple of months ago (see my prior post).

Since you have now had a few days of sewing and quilting, take a break, eat some ice cream!

I hope you enjoyed looking at these quilt pictures and I would love to see any that you make with these patterns.  Check out the book and you will be delighted as I was with all the fun projects made with precut 5″ charms, 10″ squares and fat quarters.

Happy sewing!



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