Create Product Mockups, 93 templates for artists

I’m pleased to announce that I have completed my collection of product mockup templates that I have been working on for over 2 years.  They are compiled on a CD Create Product Mockups. Two years seems like a long time ago from when I started this, but I had so many interruptions – you know, work with deadlines!  So it kept getting pushed back in spite of some people regularly asking about it.

The templates will allow you to easily put your best foot forward when showing your art to manufacturers, on mockups similar to their products.

Create Product Mockups contains 93 templates in Photoshop files and are created with clean vecor lines to give a professional mockup.  They are are also in high resolution for sharp printing.

The templates are transparent and not filled so you can use multiple methods of creating your mockup, including inserting layers under the template, as well as paste and paste into.  The collection comes with easy-to-follow and straight forward directions to easily and quickly complete professional looking product mockups.

The 93 templates cover a wide variety of products and categories for the most popular licensed products. Photoshop is required.

For more information as well as purchase information, please visit Create Product Mockups.

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