“Quilt-opoly” and embroidered quilt blocks

Quiltopoly Board Game

Quiltopoly Board Game

If you are a quilter or sewer, you will love the new “Quilt-opoly” board game from The DMC Corporation that debuted at International Quilt Market.  Its like Monopoly, (which by the way,  I’ve always loved to play) but features quilts and quilting.  The properties are all quilt blocks with escalating degrees of complexity.

Quilt-opoly board game for quilt lovers

Quilt-opoly board game for quilt lovers

I have a special love for “Quilt-opoly” – I designed the graphics for it, including the quilt block properties, the the actual quilt stitching properties shown in the center of each row, as well as some of the sayings on the cards.  It was a fun project to work on and I just love the way it turned out. And I can’t wait to play!

In addition to “Quilt-opoly”, I designed and created the quilt blocks in DMC’s booth featuring their fibers and threads for quilting.  I really loved working with the various textures represented in the various fibers of their product line.

Log Cabin Quilt Block

Log Cabin Quilt Block

Sunflower Quilt Block

Sunflower Quilt Block

Diamond In Block

Diamond In Block

Butterfly Block designed by Phyllis Dobbs for The DMC Corp.

Butterfly Quilt Block

As a special note, I want to say that The DMC Corporation is not going bankrupt or out of business.  Since I have worked with DMC a lot over the past several years, I occasionally get asked this question.  DMC-US is a separate entity and is doing just fine.  They have sold their other divisions and are concentrating on the fibers only and are doing extremely well, I’m happy to say!

Tomorrow, I will write about another “celebrity” that I met at Quilt Market as well as show come of the many gorgeous quilts that I saw there.  So, please check back!

Create a pumpkin mini quilt for Halloween

Mini Pumpkin Quilt

Mini Pumpkin Quilt

Sew a pumpkin mini quilt in time for Halloween and use it again for Thanksgiving.  Just 9 1/2″ square, this quilt is quick and easy to make.  Embellishments of yellow star buttons, rick rack, 3 strands of beads and beads sewn on the rick rack trim add to the charm of this quilt. Click for instructions with downloadable pdf.
(c) Phyllis Dobbs.  This pattern and instructions are for your personal use only.  It may not be used for commercial use without written permission of Phyllis Dobbs.

Lincoln 2009 Celebration Quilt “Penny For Your Thoughts” by Leona Harden

One of the nice things that comes from being a designer is hearing from someone who is using  my patterns.  Leona Harden contacted me a few months ago regarding a quilt block pattern that I had designed, “Pieced Eagle”

Leona was working on a quilt for an AQS (American Quilter’s Society) show that was held in Nashville in August.  Leona’s quilt “Penny for Your Thoughts” was juried into the show and was selected along with 9 others for the Lincoln 2009 Celebration to be on display at the Museum of American Quilter’s Society in Padacah, Ky.  The exhibit will run February 7 to April 6, 2009.

Abe Lincoln quilt

Leona did an outstanding job designing the layout of the quilt and combining blocks and techniques. The amazing story behind Leona’s quilt is that she has only been quilting for 2 years.  This is a pretty amazing and complex quilt for anyone to complete.

abe quilt closeup

Leona created her first quilt as a lap quilt for her husband to use during football season.  After that, she was hooked with quilting immediately becoming her passion.  In the past 2 years, Leona has completed 40 quilts.  She devotes 8 hours a day to either quilting or studying quilting.  Living in a remote area of Tennessee, she uses the internet for her instructor.

One of Leona’s other quilts was this beauty that was a 2nd place ribbon winner.

Family Quilt

Leona is a member of the Smoky Mountain Quilter’s Guild as well as the Bit’s n Pieces Guild. I can only imagine the beatiful quilts she will compete in the next 2 years! And if you are in the Paducah area next spring, be sure to visit the Museum and see “Penny for your Thoughts” up close.

Quilt Market in Portland with Meow Meow Cat Fabric Debut

International Quilt Market is always a beautiful trade show, full of eye candy with all the beautiful colors of quilts and fabrics.  It was an exciting event for me as Meow, Meow, my new cat fabric collection debuted with Quilting Treasures.

I also created several projects for Quilting Treasures’ booth using Meow Meow.  I’m in the center with Donna (left) and Jodi (right) from Quilting Treasures.  The two quilted projects shown in front are a Meow Meow Cat Carrier (with a fluffy white “stuffed” cat), and a Meow Meow Table Runner.  Free instructions for making the table runner as well as a quilt will be on the Quilting Treasures website for downloading soon.  I will post a link when it it up.

Meow Meow Cat Fabric debut


Two other quilted projects that I designed with Meow Meow cat fabrics are a Chair Back Cover and a Tote Bag.

Meow Meow Cat Fabric Projects

Quilt Market was held in Portland, OR in mid-May, during an unexpected heatwave with temperatures in the 90’s.  Since I live in the South with high temperatures, I was looking forward to the cooler days in Portland.  Oh well, at least it didn’t rain.

Portland was really beautiful with all the flowers blooming.  Even though Portland is known for roses, I think it should be noted for rhododendrons as they were huge and blooming everywhere.  They were gorgeous and gave additional eye candy for Quilt Market.

Rhododendren at Quilt Market in Portland

After Quilt Market as I took a vacation to Seattle and an Alaskan cruise.  Please check back for lots more from Quilt Market as well as some photos of unbelievable scenic views from Alaska and Mt Ranier.

Here Kitty, Kitty! My Meow Meow cat fabric is here!

Meow Meow Fabrics

I have received some advance pieces of my new Meow Meow fabric collection.  They are piled here on my cutting table so that I can start sewing with them.

I am so excited about  this fabric collection – cats, cats and more cats, all completely inspired by my Kitty Kat’s attitudes.  Meow, Meow will debut from Quilting Treasures at the International Quilt Market in a couple of weeks. The collection turned out just as I envisioned it when I first started designing it – I could not be more pleased!

I think you will be enchanted by designs and colors of these whimsical cats and find a favorite cat “tude”.

Check back as I will show more of these fabrics very soon and some of the projects I’m creating with them.

Mother Earth and Her Children – both a book and a quilt – and a true fairy tale!

I have been wanting to write about this absolutely, unbelievablely fabulous quilt, based on a translation of an old German Fairy Tale, and the interesting woman who designed and made the quilt. The story is like a fairy tale come true along with the quilted fairy tale.

Mother Earth Childrens Book

But onto the story of this quilt and the woman who created it – Sieglinde Schoen Smith.  I had attended the International Quilt Market trade show in October 2006.  After the show, I was sitting in the lobby of my hotel waiting on the airport shuttle bus and had dozed off.  I was awakened by a woman, Sieglinde, who had started taking to me.  She had just arrived for the International Quilt Festival, this huge consumer show that follows Quilt Market.  She was so excited – she had entered a quilt and hoped that she would win a prize.  Sieglinde showed me a picture of her quilt, and my mouth dropped open – it was the most fantastic quilt.  I thought to myself that if she didn’t win, the judges were blind.

Mother Earth Quilt

Sieglinde grew up in Germany during the war and had the children’s book Mother Earth and her Children read to her.  She had remained fascinated by this book and created her quilt based on this story. The quilt is really “mind boggling”, a work of art that is so detailed with both the quilting and embroidery.

As we sat and talked, Sieglinde told me of her childhood and family and the horrors of growing up during the war.  She was completely fascinating and had me thoroughly captivated.  Unfortunately, the shuttle bus came too soon and ended our conversation.  I could have sat hours listening to her.

Although I had her card, I was busy working and did not follow up with her, but often wondered how her quilt placed at the show.

The next spring, I attended the Spring Quilt Market.  As I walked the show, I saw a quilt hanging in a prominant spot and immediately recognized it.  The booth was a publisher, Breckling Press.  I asked about the quilt and learned that it had been awarded “Best in Show”.  I also learned that the quilt was being used  to illustrate Mother Earth and Her Children in a new children’s book.

When the Fall Quilt Market arrived in October 2007, Seiglinde was in Breckling Press’ booth, busily autographing copies of the book. She has another book coming soon, Mother Earth’s ABC,  using the alphabet on the quilt. Congratulations to Sieglinde, who is living a true fairy tale, and a huge thanks for sharing her talent!

The art of Matisse, Picasso, and Van Gogh in quilts

I love art and definitely have my favorite artists.  While I was walking the International Quilt Market in Houston this past October, I spotted a few pieces of art.  But these were not ordinary art prints.  Matisse art quiltSunflowers by Van Gogh They were art quilts based on a Matisse paper cut “The Sadness of the King”, Van Gogh’s “Sunflowers”, and a Picasso.  They were created by Virginia Robertson of Virginia Robertson Designs for Princess Mirah batik fabrics by Bali Fabrics, IncPicasso Art Quilt

As you can see, these quilts are quite detailed and looked exactly like the fabulous paintings they represent. What a great job Virginia did making these! They were beautiful to look at and another example of the treasures you can make with fabric and thread.

Sweetheart Ballerinas again – Article in Designers’ Quarters Magazine

The mail was good today.  I received copies of a magazine – Designers’ Quarters that had a feature article on me and my Sweetheart Ballerina fabric line with Quilting Treasures by Cranston. Sweetheart Ballerinas is my debut fabric line with Quilting Treasures, so I was thrilled with this article.

I will show you two pages pages from the 6 page spread.

“Dance with Flowers” is the name that I gave this quilt. Its a twin bed size quilt and is created with the aqua color range.

Sweetheart Ballerina Quilt

I wanted the quilt to be a unique design, which I designed around the fabrics.  The magazine features the pattern for this quilt.


This page shows swatches of the fabrics that were used in the quilt. Designers’ Quarters is a fabulous magazine for quilters. It contains 10 quilts with patterns, information about the fabric used including the style numbers, and information about the designer and the inspiration for the fabric design. Its published 4 times a year and is available through independent quilt shops as well as online at their website, www.designersquarters.com

After I received the magazine and was intently reviewing the article, my husband Danny looked at it also.  With the intent of being complimentary, he said that I “looked younger” in the magazine.  Now, as a woman, this is not exactly a compliment. Well, I didn’t let it stop there, but asked him if he meant that I looked older now. He realized his mistake and tried to backpetal.  He did get me to concede that I really am 3 months older than the photos.  Men, go figure!

Quilting and Custom Quilting

The time is getting close for International Quilt Market and Festival, which is being held in Houston at the end of the month.  Quilt Market is for the trade only – shops and suppliers of quilt and sewing supplies.  Quilt Festival is for consumers and is a huge event for buying all types of sewing supplies, fabrics, and embellishments.  Both shows introduce the newest trends, tools and supplies.  Both shows are beautiful and a feast for the eyes with all the beautiful colors of quilts and fabrics.

Last year at Spring Quilt Market, I met a very talented lady who provides a wonderful service,  Billie Dickinsonbillie-dickinson.jpgShe is a quilter and does custom quilting for your quilt tops, whether its one that you have created or an antique quilt top.  She can also create the whole quilt. I saw some samples of her quilting and she is fabulous.  She does long arm quilting as well as hand quilting.  Her website, Billie’s Stitching Post, also has a store for her favorite embroidery kits, floss, buttons and embellishments plus new items that you might not find in your local quilt shop.  So if you have some quilt tops you’ve put aside to have quilted, she’s your lady!

I am busy working away on my next fabric collection for Quilting Treasures.  I am also working on quilt and sewing projects that will be displayed in some booths at Quilt Market.  Check back and I will give you a peek at what I have created. 

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