A Coat of Paint can do Wonders for the Studio Furnishings

When I get the urge to redecorate or rearrange things, nothing can stop me.  When I start focusing on a room, the ideas just hit me and I have to do something. My husband hates it when I’m siting quietly and my eyes and head are in a constant state of turning and looking (not quite like in The Exorcist because my head doesn’t turn all the way around). It usually means something is going to change

Since I spend most of my time in my studio, I tend to frequently move things around, repaint the walls and so on.  OK, I’m really tired of putty colored filing cabinets.  They are so blah!  So after hitting the stores looking for a good color, I decided on just the right shade of light aqua by Rustoleum, my favorite color.  I couldn’t wait to get home to start spraying this beautiful color on this 2-drawer filing cabinet  which is outside drying.  The color in the photo is more intense and darker than the aqua actually is because its in the late day shadows but take my word for it, it’s great! I have a couple more cabinets to finish and am excited at the way this one turned out. But I have to space myself and get some work done in between painting them.

Phyllis Dobbs painting filing cabinet turquoise

Go ahead and make some changes in your space. Even the smallest changes can make a difference.


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