Happy St. Patrick’s Day and My Lucky 4 Leaf Shamrock!

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and luck of the Irish to you! I have a lucky patch of shamrock’s growing in a natural area close to my house and nothing says St. Patrick’s Day better than a shamrock. I love to look through patches of clover for a lucky 4-leaf clover and did so this morning.  I figured that finding one on St. Patrick’s Day would be extra lucky. Right?

St. Patrick's Day Shamrock patch Phyllis Dobbs

And I did find one. I didn’t pick it like I usually do, but left it to grow, hoping it will bring better luck that way.

4 leaf clover on St. Patrick's Day

After having good luck finding my 4 leaf clover, I’m now going to look for a rainbow so I can find the pot of gold. I know its out there somewhere!

Happy St. Patty to all of you!


Getting Ready for St. Patrick’s Day

I have been working on a St. Patrick’s Day design for celebration of St. Patrick (also the birthday of one of my nephews). These are now on products in my Zazzle store.  Everything is customizable.

My store is loaded with various products that you can use to proclaim St. Patrick’s day, including a mousepad, tote bags, invitations, aprons, stickers, iPad and iPhone covers, men’s ties and much more. I even have some items for little Leprechauns.

For those of you aren’t Irish, you can be “Irish for a Day”.

Here’s wishing you the “Luck of the Irish”!

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