Sweetheart Ballerinas again – Article in Designers’ Quarters Magazine

The mail was good today.  I received copies of a magazine – Designers’ Quarters that had a feature article on me and my Sweetheart Ballerina fabric line with Quilting Treasures by Cranston. Sweetheart Ballerinas is my debut fabric line with Quilting Treasures, so I was thrilled with this article.

I will show you two pages pages from the 6 page spread.

“Dance with Flowers” is the name that I gave this quilt. Its a twin bed size quilt and is created with the aqua color range.

Sweetheart Ballerina Quilt

I wanted the quilt to be a unique design, which I designed around the fabrics.  The magazine features the pattern for this quilt.


This page shows swatches of the fabrics that were used in the quilt. Designers’ Quarters is a fabulous magazine for quilters. It contains 10 quilts with patterns, information about the fabric used including the style numbers, and information about the designer and the inspiration for the fabric design. Its published 4 times a year and is available through independent quilt shops as well as online at their website, www.designersquarters.com

After I received the magazine and was intently reviewing the article, my husband Danny looked at it also.  With the intent of being complimentary, he said that I “looked younger” in the magazine.  Now, as a woman, this is not exactly a compliment. Well, I didn’t let it stop there, but asked him if he meant that I looked older now. He realized his mistake and tried to backpetal.  He did get me to concede that I really am 3 months older than the photos.  Men, go figure!

Sweetheart Ballerina Embroidered Quilt Block

International Quilt Market is in Houston this weekend, starting on Oct, 27.  It is a major trade show for fabrics, notions, embellishments and anything for quilting and sewing. Kreinik Manufacuring Co., Inc is a manufacturer of gorgeous silk and metallic fibers to use for needlework, scrapbooking, quilting and sewing. They are decorating their Quilt Market booth with individual blocks created by designers and embellished with their fibers. Kreinik asked me to create a block, which I was delighted to do.flower-dance-quiit-block.jpg I want to show it to you.  I used my Sweetheart Ballerina fabric that I recently designed for Quilting Treasures by Cranston. The block, which I named “Flowers Dance is an embroidery design of flowers swaying in dance to go along with the Ballerina theme. I used all metallic fibers to stitch the design with the chain stitch, stem stitch and colonial knots. The block size is 12″ x 12”.  I told you in a recent blog that I loved color and this block is definitely colorful.

If any of you are attending Quilt Market, which is open to the trade only, be sure to visit Kreinik’s booth to see the blocks from all the other designers. International Quilt Festival follows Quilt Market and is open to the public.

Recycle those old sweaters! Don’t toss them.

Its that time of year again to pull out your fall and winter clothing.  Its still pretty warm here in the south, so I haven’t started sorting through my winter clothing, yet.

If you have sweathers you don’t wear any more but just can’t part with them, or just haven’t gotten around to discarding them, stop! Before you toss, think of ways to give them new life. They can be recycled into really fabulous gems – unique one-of-a-kind items for a decorative touch to your home or for a wardrobe accent.


This is a pillow that I made from a gorgeous brightly colored striped sweather that I just didn’t want to part with. (As you get to know me, you will find that I’m addicted to color!) Just cut a square or rectangle from the front or back of your sweater and use a nice coordinating fabric for the pillow back. If you have a good front and back to your sweather, you can make two pillows for a matching pair, or use one as a gift.sweater-pillow.jpg This pillow was made from a fisherman’s knit sweather. Add trims, tassels, or other embellishments to put your own personal touch to all the items you create with sweathers.

Here’s a bottle bag I made from another sweather.bottle-bag.jpg

You can create all kinds of fun things – decorative gift bags, purses, totes or a lingerie bags. Use the smaller, irregular areas to create small sachet pillows .  Use the sleeve to make a storage holder for plastic bags. The list is endless of what you can create. Just use your imagination!

Denimbroidery – Embroidery Designs for Jeans and Jean Jackets

Embroidery has always been one of my favorite needlework techniques. I learned to embroider, as well as cross stitch and crochet, while I was growing up. I bought several crewel kits and stitched away, enjoying every second I spent embroidering. I still enjoy embroidering and am delighted that embroidery is very fashionable on clothing.

As a designer of needlework, I recently designed a line of embroidery kits for stitching on your jeans and jean jackets for Janlynn. Paisley Denimbroidery kitThe kit line, Denimbroidery, features 10 trendy and colorful designs that you can use to personalize your denim wardrobe, or, if you prefer, stitch on other clothing items or use for home decor such as pillows. The design above will put colorful paisleys on your jeans.Garden Delights Denimbroidery Kit The Flower Garden design can be stitched on the back of a jean jacket as well as on jeans for year-round flowers.  Hearts Denimbroidery kitHearts are always a great and timeless design. You can wear your heart on your jeans.  Princess in Training Denimbroidery kitThe Princess in Training is the perfect diva design for all women!  wine-lover.jpg

And for the Wine Lover, support the grape by embroidering the back of your jacket with the Wine Lover design. All designs can be viewed on my website as well as Janlynn’s. Stitch these for yourself or think what a fun surprise this will be for someone dear to you.

Quilting and Custom Quilting

The time is getting close for International Quilt Market and Festival, which is being held in Houston at the end of the month.  Quilt Market is for the trade only – shops and suppliers of quilt and sewing supplies.  Quilt Festival is for consumers and is a huge event for buying all types of sewing supplies, fabrics, and embellishments.  Both shows introduce the newest trends, tools and supplies.  Both shows are beautiful and a feast for the eyes with all the beautiful colors of quilts and fabrics.

Last year at Spring Quilt Market, I met a very talented lady who provides a wonderful service,  Billie Dickinsonbillie-dickinson.jpgShe is a quilter and does custom quilting for your quilt tops, whether its one that you have created or an antique quilt top.  She can also create the whole quilt. I saw some samples of her quilting and she is fabulous.  She does long arm quilting as well as hand quilting.  Her website, Billie’s Stitching Post, also has a store for her favorite embroidery kits, floss, buttons and embellishments plus new items that you might not find in your local quilt shop.  So if you have some quilt tops you’ve put aside to have quilted, she’s your lady!

I am busy working away on my next fabric collection for Quilting Treasures.  I am also working on quilt and sewing projects that will be displayed in some booths at Quilt Market.  Check back and I will give you a peek at what I have created. 

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